The Global Village Construction Set

Genius farmers are great, but genius farmers who master the internet are even greater!

I grew up in Normandy (France), surrounded by farms and farmers, and I can assure that, to this day, none of them can send an email and most think that Google is a very rich man.

These farmers are, nonetheless, mines of knowledge; illiterate fountains of wisdom that flow for a few lucky ones — aka family, neighbors and friends. They experiment with innovative techniques, always find ways to beat the odds and know more about the land than any encyclopedia.

We are now extremely lucky that farmers are not only growing amazing food, but are growing internet savvy. They now spread their ideas all over with a few clicks. It is time for us to share our seeds and breakthroughs… on line!

This is precisely what Marcin Jakubowski did with the Global Village Construction Set and Open Source Ecology, a formidable website dedicated to collaborating on modular, DIY, and low-cost industrial machines. This is our collective chance to create the tools and lifestyle that match our needs.



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