Ecology From the Air (video)

What are our forests really made of? From the air, ecologist Greg Asner uses a spectrometer and high-powered lasers to map nature in meticulous kaleidoscopic 3D detail — what he calls “a very high-tech accounting system” of carbon. In this fascinating talk, Asner gives a clear message: To save our ecosystems, we need more data, gathered in new ways.

Ecologist Lian Pin Koh makes a persuasive case for using drones to protect the world’s forests and wildlife. These lightweight autonomous flying vehicles can track animals in their natural habitat, monitor the health of rainforests, even combat crime by detecting poachers via thermal imaging. Added bonus? They’re also entirely affordable.



2 thoughts on “Ecology From the Air (video)

  1. It’s an awe inspiring TED talk. his last few comments though on having too many elephants are reminiscent of Alan Savory’s great mistake before holistic management. I sincerely hope that this technology is used to manage ecological landscapes instead of simply identifying a problem species and then reducing its population drastically.

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