Overview of Brad Lancaster Homestead Water-Harvesting Strategies (Arizona)

A water-harvesting overview highlighting some of the strategies implemented at the Lancaster homestead to harvest street runoff, roof runoff (with simple filtration), and greywater. See Brad’s award-winning books "Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond" for more.



One thought on “Overview of Brad Lancaster Homestead Water-Harvesting Strategies (Arizona)

  1. Hey Brad – thanks for the “juicy” tour – loving the salvaged items, that ladder ROCKS!

    I just want to pass along a warning to all the folks who might be considering getting involved with Brad and his water harvesting ways: any contact with his well-researched books, his entertaining classes or his goofy, in-person self will cause you to have a severe and immediate need to harvest any and all water that crosses your path. You will stay up at night devising ever more interesting water harvesting projects which you will implement and proudly display and expound upon at length to anyone who might pass through (or pass out at) your property.

    Water harvesting is addictive, especially when it’s this much fun – you’ve been warned.

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