Haomekka – Permaculture in Mexico (video)

Somewhere in Mexico lives a small community few have heard of. Only by word of mouth can you hear about it. This community has 17 members and has opened its doors to others. They grow their own food, and try to live sustainably using great concepts and bio-construction. This community working together has resulted in a place of creativity and knowledge. It is so versatile and such an exciting place to be, with music, art, pottery, building, and projects within the local community. Within the community they make natural soaps, herbal remedies, hand crafted jewellery and organic coffee.

This film was created so I could share my experience of what it is like to live within a community. I was really inspired by this alternative way to live and feel there is much I have taken from this experience that I will incorporate within my own life.

I was fortunate enough to hear about this place through word of mouth by another fellow traveller in Guatemala. I stayed nearly three weeks and found it very difficult to leave. There are many positive aspects to this way of life, which I hope this film captures.



8 thoughts on “Haomekka – Permaculture in Mexico (video)

  1. Great video, it certainly captured what you where trying to tell us, looks like a great place, away from everything modern society tries to make us think we want.

  2. Thank you Serena for giving us insight into such a beautiful place. I’m not surprised you found it difficult to leave. Good luck on the rest of your travels. Much Love x

  3. wow! it is sounds amazing…
    im in mexico right now…
    can u tell me where exactally is it?
    and how can i contact them??

    thanks :))

  4. Hi,

    I am going to mexico in january and aim to help out in many permaculture projects in latin america. Could you please let me know where this project is and how I can contact them? Thanks!

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