Permaculture Recycled

Off the coast of Honduras, on a small island called Utila, lives a guy called Shane. Shane has broken away from all the social restraints and has built his own house. He is now building his own garden. However he is doing it slightly different from most people — he uses cardboard boxes! This short film talks about Shane’s key concepts and tips on permaculture.



5 thoughts on “Permaculture Recycled

  1. I just loved this video! he is a man after my own heart!

    Thanks to him for making it and thanks for showing it!



    PS Love to all the interns at Zatuna farm April 2012 xx

  2. Hi Shane,

    Thanks for the video. I found your low fossil fuel use inspiring. I also use cardboard in my garden, and recently I had a friend visit who commented that the glue used in cardboard contains Formaldehyde. I did some internet research and struggled to find much information on it. Is this something that you have heard? Does anyone have any information on this?

  3. Hi Shane,

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your thinking. So simple, practical and logical. Greatly appreciated.

    Cheers. Jim

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