Nepal – An Opportunity for Regeneration, Part II

Actual view from Mountain View Eco Farm site

As some readers may remember, I wrote an article last August outlining my experience at the Sustainable Agriculture Development Program of Nepal, and of the farm manager’s (Govinda Paudel) dream of establishing his own permaculture inspired education and demonstration farm.

Well, at long last, Govinda has managed to buy a small plot of land near Pokhara, overlooking Begnes Lake and the mighty Annapurna Range of the Himalaya, to establish Mountain View Eco Farm. Govinda has worked tirelessly to make his dream a reality – setting up a fantastic website, networking extensively and seeking out the land to build his dream. In December of last year, his parents sold some of their land in Bardiya, near the border of India, to help Govinda make his dream a reality. They plan to sell the rest of their land soon and move to Pokhara to help Govinda with the running and management of the farm in the not too distant future. Although Govinda now owns some land from which to begin developing Mountain View Eco Farm, more land is needed along with farm animals and items to make sure that Mountain View Eco Farm can become self sufficient and sustainable in the long run.

Govinda’s plan for the farm is inspiring. The objectives of Mountain View Eco Farm are basically three fold. They include:

1) Youth – Many young people believe the only path to a good life requires leaving the country for education and work. Organic farming is one way to offer a sustainable lifestyle that benefits our environment and culture, and keeps the best of our young people in our country. MVEF will partner with local school districts to host schools groups and involve children in firsthand educational experience to learn where their food comes from and the possibilities of a career in farming.

2) Farmers – There is need and interest in farmers throughout Nepal to transition to permaculture farming. Teaching courses and being able to demonstrate the increased crop yield and increased quality of food grown is one of the best way to help them begin to shift away from dependence on chemicals and pesticides that harm both people and the earth.

3) Visitors and volunteers – Tourism will bring income to help support our project. As we develop the resources required to join the hospitality industry, we will invite foreign visitors and volunteers to lodge at MVEF. Here they can experience traditional Nepalese life, learn about organic farming, and enjoy healthy food at reasonable cost. This exchange of skills and cultures benefits everyone.

To make this dream a reality, the sum of $4000 is needed to purchase the rest of the land needed to make the farm self sufficient. To achieve this end we have created a fundraising campaign with the crowd funding site, WeTheTrees. The campaign works as follows. For each sum of money you donate to the campaign, Mountain View Eco Farm will buy some land along with a certain farm essential such as a greenhouse or a goat for example. Your donation amount dictates what we buy. However, if that farm item has already been bought we will let you know how we spend your money (if you want us to).

To donate to the cause, please click on the link below which will take you to campaign headquarters. Thanks for your help!



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