Wadeye Permaculture Project Update

Recently I received a photolog update on the Wadeye permaculture project in the Northern Territories (see previous posts here and here), where myself and other great permaculturist were employed by Earth Ethics to install a permaculture garden system. I like to describe the earthworks as the bones of the system and the living components — pioneer species, fruit trees, cover crops and ground covers — the muscle and flesh. As you’ll see by the most recent pic at bottom, the site is getting well ‘fleshed out’.

Installing swale and level sill spillway

Swale planted out with cover crop, ground cover,
leguminous pioneers and fruit trees.

Two months on, the cover crop and ground cover is well established.

As Geoff Lawton says, when you’re working in the tropics “you are driving a dragster”.



4 thoughts on “Wadeye Permaculture Project Update

  1. Gday guys thanks for the feed back, Danial Lawton and my self are in talks at the moment to get back up to Wadeye, at this critical time of the site evolution.

    our aim is to favour and extend the ground-cover as the cover crop will be droping out in a few months time, we also will favour the pioneers species

    by favouring the pioneers we are aiming to form a canopy to shut out the grass and other competition, so the site can speed up its evolution, and the way to be a forest

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