Talking Swales

While at Wadeye, Northern Territory, Australia, installing a permaculture design for Earth Ethics, this video was taken when I was explaining how to install swales and level sill spillways and what their function is, to some of the guys working on site.

So if you want to understand how to install swales and spillways, this might help.

Apologies for the unbuttoned shirt, I was not aware this was being filmed.

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One thought on “Talking Swales

  1. Hi David and the team… Fantastic concepts and ideas. I enjoyed watching the thinking about even the most basic water flow… Condensation. Born in Oz, now living in northern England, where rain is here non stop… (OH boy), I really understand and value how important it is to use it all wisely and manage it all as best as we know how. Thanks for taking the time to record this.

    Shirt was fine David…LOL… It’s hot there bud. Again, well done one and all for taking the initiative to manage this precious resource.

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