Intensive 6-Day Permaculture Seminar & Workshop with Rhamis Kent (Staggered over two long weekends, January 2013, El Sobrante, SF Bay Area, California)

What: Intensive 6-Day Permaculture Seminar & Workshop
When: January 12 – January 14 & January 19 – 21, 2013
Where: Soulflower Farm (El Sobrante, California – SF Bay Area)
Who: Rhamis Kent (PRI PDC Teacher)
Price: $750 USD ($600 USD if booked before November 20th, 2012)
Deposit: $125 USD to secure course booking; the balance payment ($625 USD) is due by December 20th, 2012.

Over 6 days you will acquire the practical skills to set you on the path to regenerate any landscape and to design productive ecosystems.

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About the Teacher

This course will be taught by Rhamis Kent, a permaculture consultant, designer and teacher with a formal training in mechanical engineering and permaculture-based regenerative whole systems design.

Rhamis trained extensively in Australia at Geoff Lawton’s Zaytuna Farm (PRI Australia) where he took his PDC, followed by: Permaculture Earthworks, Permaculture Teacher Training, Permaculture Aid Worker Training and a permaculture internship with Geoff. He has since taught and engaged in project consulting work in Detroit, Palestine/Occupied West Bank, Syria, Greece, Turkey, Western Sahara, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen.

His training at PRI Australia led to his involvement with design work connected to the development of Masdar City in UAE after Mr. Lawton and his consulting company (Permaculture Sustainable Consultancy Pty. Ltd.) were contracted by AECOM/EDAW to identify solutions which fit the challenging zero emissions/carbon neutral design constraint of the project.

Rhamis has lectured at Schumacher College in Totnes (Devon, UK) about the application of permaculture in post-industrial Detroit:

He is presently consulting with a delegation of Somali expatriates initiating ecological restoration and education work in Northern Somalia: Rhamis Kent: Permaculture in Somalia (IPC10 Presentation – Video).

Most recently, Rhamis collaborated with environmental filmmaker John D. Liu (, in the making of a documentary for Dutch production company VPRO called “Green Gold” highlighting the topic of global ecosystem restoration work.

To access some of Rhamis’ writing on permaculture, please click here.

In this 6 day course you will learn:

  • Basics of Permaculture Design
  • Soil Biology
  • Specialized Compost & Worm Farm
  • Water Harvesting Strategies
  • Grey Water Treatment
  • Drought Proofing
  • Designing & Implementing a Food Forest
  • Designing Micro Climates
  • Integrated Animal Systems
  • Basics in Aquaculture & Aquaponics
  • Permablitz

Course Content

Each session is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Day 1

  • First Session: Making the case for Permaculture/Agro-Ecology
  • Second Session: Ethics, History of Permaculture, Working Examples
  • Third Session: Concepts and Themes in Design for Productive Eco-systems
  • Fourth Session: Designing for Sustainable Communities

Day 2

  • First Session: Soil Biology Primer & Principles
  • Second Session: Plants & Soil: symbiotic relationships
  • Third & Fourth Sessions: Practicum — making Specialized Compost, Natural Mineralisation and Worm Farm

Day 3

  • First Session: Water Principles & Harvesting
  • Second Session: Earthworks, Designing Water Harvesting Strategies
  • Third Session: Keyline Design and Grey Water
  • Fourth Session: Practicum — Miniature Earthworks exercise

Day 4

  • First Session: Climate and Microclimate
  • Second Session: Designing Microclimates
  • Third Session: Aquaculture
  • Fourth Session: Aquaponics

Day 5

  • First Session: Theory and History of Food Forests, Symbiotic Relationships between Productive and Support Species
  • Second Session: Designing a Food Forest for Dry Climates, Integrated Pest and Disease Management
  • Third Session: Integration of Animal Systems, Sample Designs for Maximising Plant Spacing and Symbiotic Relationships, Drought-proofing and Fire-proofing
  • Fourth Session: Practicum: Seed Scarification and Tree Planting

Day 6

  • First Session: Design, Methods and Tools
  • Second & Third Sessions: Guided Design Exercise through Observation and Analysis
  • Fourth Session: Where to from now, Questions and Answers

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  1. With no apparent time for training in thermophylic composting and collated seedling transplantation there will not be rapid reuse of weeds or compostable matter. This created product is a perfect medium for seed germination and clustered seedling transplantation

  2. Hello,
    My name is Aaron Choy and I’m a student at Zaytuna College in Berkeley. I am a founding member of the Green Khalifas club on campus, an environmental and sustainable advocacy club, and would love to attend this event. However, I have limited funds as a student, but feel this course would be beneficial for me in numerous ways. I was wondering if there were scholarships or any way I can secure funding for this program so it would be more economically feasible for me to join. Thank you for the time,
    Aaron Choy

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