B.Y.O.B. – Everything is Connected

It might sound very reductionist and over-simplistic but the matter of fact is that everything is connected! We are one. You, me, them and every little atom existing on this planet (and beyond). Permaculture has clearly understood this message and is materializing the theory!

Our output will eventually become our input. It’s been said for centuries: You reap what you sow… and the good news is that you can empower yourself to sow the good stuff. It’s a matter of conscious choice, and a little bit of effort!

This short video illustrates this universal law by showing us the life of a plastic bag, from the moment it leaves a store to the moment it comes back to you….

It’s time to take action and to (really) be part of the world we want to live in. There are so many simple strategies to make life more wonderful for everyone, and it often starts with the most benign gesture.

Good news! Raising awareness on our insane consumption is no longer the job of a few radicals, philosophers or hippies. Be inspired by how children are aware of the problem and what they want their (our) future to be like: