Good Excuses

Photos © Craig Mackintosh

I thought I had better break the silence by letting you know I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth, but am currently in New Zealand, collecting interesting notes, photos and video for you all. You should find it worth the wait, but thanks for your patience and I’ll write when I can!



13 thoughts on “Good Excuses

  1. Great stuff Craig, hope you will post the reality of our BS “100% pure” and “clean and green” PR campaigns. Just come and look at any rivers that drain our dairy country here, especially the Waikato and Canterbury. Really filthy.

    And Eric. You might find more systems of maize-silage-chemically-fed-palm-kernel supplemented fodder systems than willow-poplar ones. NZ buys a big chunk of the worlds palm kernel. Someone has to support the destruction of tropical rainforests, might as well be us.

  2. I adore New Zealand! Awesome place with some very inspiring scenery. I really want to make it back there one day. Have a wonderful time!!

    Anthea. (in another amazing place, the Flinders Ranges SA)

  3. I will suggest for the PRI-Institute to give Craig an assistant, to help him edit articles while he’s away for important missions throughout the world, or other things taking up his time.

  4. “… by letting you know I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth, but am currently in New Zealand…” – isn’t that the same thing!!!

    Only kidding, love the place. Keep up the great work Craig and enjoy your well earned break.


  5. Hi All – for those subscribed to this comment thread, in case you wanted to know one of the things I was doing in NZ:

    @Graci – yes, it was near Tiniroto.

    @Peter – yes, I’ll let you be the judge, but I did seek to burst the 100% pure bubble.

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