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War Made Easy: 50 Years of Deception and Media Spin

War Made Easy: 50 Years of Deception and Media Spin
Duration 1:13 — Narrated by Sean Penn

Many permaculturists would agree that one of, if not the, worst aspects of our modern ‘civilised’ civilisation is centralisation. Centralisation equates to decisions made without objectivity, without empathy, and often with purely selfish interests as their core motivating factor, by a far-removed, situation-detached, ‘elite’.

We see this in agriculture, for example — with the outcome being mega-scale agribusinesses like Monsanto, ADM and Cargill and their wholesale rape and pillaging of the world’s soil bank, water tables and public and ecological health and the destruction of family farms and all things wholesome. However, the out-of-touch policies spawned from centralised control of society and its media and economics show their absolute darkest side when applied to the hugely profitable war machine.

The documentary above shares the harrowing tale of lives ruined and lost under the radar as the smoke and mirrors of biased media spin assures that Joe Public not only agrees with unjustified war-mongering, but actively ridicules and attacks anyone who dares to peer under the media gloss to examine facts.

I share this video, as if we don’t learn from history, we are destined to repeat it. With energy issues becoming increasingly critical, I’m dreading the day when the media machine will turn its attention to oil rich countries like Nigeria and Venezuela. Will we need to ‘liberate’ these countries, and others like them, also?

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  1. The trillions of dollars spent by the US and their puppet natioms throughout the world killing maiming polluting innocent human beings so as to control the worlds resources for the benifit of the few was used to provide the assets that could help green and feed and heal the worlds populations then we would have a beautifull world where we would promote love and goodwill between all mankind and make the ultimate crime of absolute greed , lieing and killing of your fellow mankind the most serious crimes a person or persons can committ

  2. the stage IS being set for a new war Craig, this time operation: Syria. liberation scenario of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya is now being prepared for syria. US and the super powers are determined to protect people from tyrant regimes that they themselves have been protecting and supporting for decades. dosen’t matter if liberation will cost thousands or millions of lives, destroy houses and infrastructure, cause permanenet injuries to land and people.. the US army will give us freedom, but will step over our head with their shoe!

  3. What if 9/11 is an inside job? What if the cause of the twin tower to fall vertically is “controlled demolition”? The more I look into it the more I believe that it is controlled demolition. No fire could destroy a building into small dust.

    Now looking at Iran. Iran is in between of Iraq and Afghanistan (coincidence?). So maybe after Operation Syria then Iran. Funny world we’re living in.

    Permaculture is one thing keeping me sane.

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