One Application Beauty Solution

We don’t normally get into personal beauty products on this site, but I thought this product presentation on what to buy so you can feel good about yourself — with the bonus feature of making everyone else feel inferior compared to you — might be just the thing for some. As you’ll see, you can easily bypass the ‘traditional’, burdensome personal beauty methods of outdoor fresh-air exercise, organic food, clean water and guilt-free sleep with only one application.

As the video creator says: "This commercial isn’t real, neither are society’s standards of beauty."

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if the insanely unreal wasn’t persistently marketed as our over-riding goal? Oh, but I’m forgetting that real economic success is wholly dependent on our being continually dissatisfied with who we are and what we have….

It reminds me of the January 2007 law enacted by the mayor of São Paulo to remove all advertising from the city (not an insignificant event considering it’s the largest city in the southern hemisphere, and the 7th largest in the world). Five years down the track, people seem happy with the move. It makes me wonder what the world would look like if such a law passed everywhere — if we returned to the days of simple needs being supplied by appropriate products and services, and where your customer base was dependent on the quality of your product/workmanship, rather than the ability of your PR department to stretch the truth.



5 thoughts on “One Application Beauty Solution

  1. Reminds me why its difficult to find a partner on internet dating sites, everyone expects to get a “beautiful” one. The chubby, plain Jane’s don’t get a look in! Even if they are intelligent, stable, hardworking, compassionate, abundant, have a great farm…. enough about me. Yes, I am single, seeking a permie partner.

  2. WOW! Pro-pixel intensifying fauxtanical hydro-jargon microbead extracts! Sounds fantastic, where do I sign up?! This one has got to appear in the Gruen show when/if it comes back surely?

    Perhaps someone needs to set up a Permie dating site Carolyn? I’ll sign up for it! :)

  3. Hi Andrew. You’re absolutely right – I’ve not seen an ugly permaculturist yet. I did see a couple of grumpy ones who didn’t smile a lot, but on the most part they’re a cheerful, positive and kind-hearted bunch.

    Re permie dating site – whilst not specifically for that purpose, does give an “I’m single” checkbox option available for your profile display, which puts a pretty pink or blue indicator on your profile. If you start making regular updates on your good on-the-ground work, I’m sure some like-minded individual will get attracted to the ‘cut of your jib’ and perhaps make contact.

    It reminds me of a sign I saw often in Alaska:

    Wanted: Good Woman: Must Be Able To Clean, Cook, Sew, Dig Worms And Clean Fish. Must Have Boat And Motor. Please Send Pictures Of Boat And Motor.

    Perhaps people interested in your profile might request more photos of your garden and/or rocket stove?

  4. ” Chubby, plain Jane’s who are intelligent, stable, hardworking, compassionate, abundant, have a great farm…” are perfectly fine with me ! As long as they are humane human beings with a sense of humour as well. A bonus would be if they played piano &/or guitar as well.

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