Preparing the Soil for Community Cultivation

Community cooperation models the same design of Nature for self-prolific and self-sustainable systems. Through beneficial partnerships with each other we too can unlock the unlimited potential within each other through community cultivation.

by Chowgene Koay

Soil, light, darkness, and the cool refreshing gift of water. In all, they are supporters of life.

Soil bacteria, fungi, and insects infiltrate every niche and space in the underworld creating a rich soup of goodness for our plants known as humus (grow chick peas or garbanzo beans with herbs and spices to make hummus). Which leaves us with the critical question of how do you prepare the soil?

It depends, but this post is about community in relation to soil and gardening. (Give me some time and I’ll write about soil another day.)

When it comes to the development of human necessities and other luxuries, the main limiting factor is people. To build homes, install gardens, or to establish community, all require willing and capable individuals to establish, maintain, and develop the communal link to succeed in any project.

By doing so, infinite opportunities and networks form much like the mycelial network of fungi relationships with plants roots and all other soil life. This extension enables the necessities for human development and growth to become a reality through our communal imagination and collaboration.

The question is how do we develop the necessary links to actualize this potential? To conquer this feat, it helps to look at the history of mankind’s relationships to each other and the evolution or succession of empathy that is occurring.

In comparison to permaculture design methods, the development of sustainable and prolific ecosystems are guides in co-creating the landscapes we dream of. In the same way, communities can be guided towards similar outcomes through our observation and analysis of our past, present, and potential way of life.

Looking into Past Communal Relations

A great video and speech that opened my eyes to the development of human relationships is a Renaissance Society of America video on the Empathic Civilization.