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Live Streaming of the International Permaculture Conference (IPC10)!

For those who cannot make it to the IPC10 in Jordan next month (September 2011), my announcement here should hopefully be gladly received! PRI Australia has put up the funds for the additional equipment I needed to enable me to live-stream the International Permaculture Conference (IPC10) to the internet. I’ll be live-streaming the 1-day Conference, and with a bit of luck perhaps even parts of the 4-day Convergence (the latter I’m not so confident about as I need to see if the internet connection is up to par when I physically get there, but from reports it’s looking positive).

Even if you cannot make the exact times of the live-streams, the system we’re using will subsequently have the streams available on-demand — so you can play them later.

This will be the first time an IPC has been live-streamed. (I’m told there was an attempt to do this at IPC9 in Malawi, but the internet connection was insufficient for the task.)

Thanks for contributing so people worldwide can benefit from the IPC10

Although we’re putting up the funds (the gear cost US$528, or AU$508), we would greatly appreciate those who are able to donate something to contribute towards it. I’m sure there are many out there who don’t have the time and/or spare money to attend the event in person, but who will appreciate at least being able to tune in on the Conference (which will have some very interesting speakers and topics). If these people could consider that whilst we could have made it pay-per-view, we’ve chosen not to in the hope the permie fair-share principle will come to play and people would voluntarily help us out here as they are able.

Additionally, the PRI will actually divert all your donations for this equipment to the Jordan Valley Permaculture Project (aka ‘Greening the Desert – the Sequel’), to aid in the continued development of this important demonstration site. (A few updates on the project from over the last year are here, here, here and here in case this interests, and you can find out all about the background of this project here.)

You are invited to please donate via the widget above. Thanks for your support!

Oh, for those who just realised you’re getting left behind on the biggest permaculture event on the planet, there’s still time to get in on the action and experience it first hand.

Go here to book your place on the IPC10!!


  1. I just donated $10 and I hope many others will contribute.

    As much as I’d love to fly around the world to attend events in person, we have neither time (have a garden) nor the money to pay for it. So this is as good as it can get.

    Thanks so much!

  2. fantastic… will gladly try to pitch in! Was really trying to go but life is getting in the way it seems so this is a brilliant addition to the event!

  3. Thanks so much for making this open access Craig, much appreciated and I hope you get enough donations to make that viable again in the future.

    Will the on demand be available as download too?

  4. Sounds great Craig.

    Is there plans to also record and make the vids available at some point later?

    Also, just curious what are you using (software/hardware) to do this?

  5. Thanks for the donations and comments everyone. It’s much appreciated.

    Jason, software is ‘Procaster’, through The hardware is a Grass Valley Canopus ADVC110 High Quality Bi-Directional Analog to Digital Video Converter. The ADVC110 goes between my camera and laptop.

    Ann, I’m perlexed why you were not able to contribute. At least one of the other donors here is from the US, and I’ve used these ChipIn widgets for other campaigns, with people donating from the U.S. and all over. But yes, there are other ways to donate – please see this page:

    If you donate, just make a note that it’s for ‘IPC Live Streaming’. Thanks for your help here.

  6. That’s fantastic!!
    I would of course rather be in Jordan with everyone but that is not an option right now because of work commitments and finances.
    I will definitely be tuning in and making a donation.
    Thank you.

  7. Thanks for making the programs available. Most appreciated! I’m especially interested in how permaculture is being taught/used in school settings. I will donate!

  8. Hi Craig,
    Thanks so much – very much appreciated. Happy to donate but how do I connect to the stream eg do I need to register somewhere, etc?
    Thanks again,

  9. Hi Chris – I’ll announce info on how to access closer to the day, both here and on

    You won’t need to register. You just need an internet connection and a mouse to click play :)

  10. Thanks PRI for a great idea, and Craig for your involvement. I hope it works out at the time for you given all the things that manage to go wrong with live feeds or even the filming itself. Donation made, total is looking healthy already, bring on Greening the Main Course !
    Charles Otway

  11. Thanks for posting this link to the livestream site . Great idea to fund the venture this way – i’ll post it to the uk list . Unfortunately , some kind of snafu with contributing as paypal ‘ guest ‘. Hope we can work this out or find alternative method soon . Great work everyone .

  12. Hi all . Meant to say thanks , Chris , for posting the link to livestream . Quite simply a brilliant bit of work so thanks to everyone . ‘ Perplexed ‘ is my default setting on the interweb quite often , Craig , and the main button here certainly wasn’t working for me from jolly old airstrip one , today , but the other link worked fine so i guess that’s progress ). See y’all soon .

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