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2 thoughts on “Clicktivist

  1. I know that there are many valid reasons as to why more people should be taking responsibility for their own and others personal and environmental welfare and future and I am also sure there is also a huge amount of frustration among informed people that this is not happening in the general population, but in my view ‘Getting people to actually do something’ is not an objective permaculturists should be pushing.

    Activity of that kind conjures up, for me, ideas like ‘coercion’, ‘fundamentalism’ and even ‘elitism’. None of these ideas would be included in my version of what this is all about. Informing, educating, even assisting, yes, but in the end it is up to the individual what path or action/inaction they choose to take. At least up until the point when it no longer becomes a matter of choice. I am tired of fundamentalists, elitists and those who attempt to coerce and bully (by any means), others into adopting their way of thinking and living.

    I am sure that everyone who either has some knowledge of the dire situation facing humanity under a business as usual regime or who has an immediate need in terms of personal survival to act now to protect and nurture themselves and those they love, is actually doing something now, at this point, to the utmost of their capacity and using their best knowledge in order to alter their own situation for the better. But, if they, having been informed, choose to do nothing except perhaps just sit and wait for the inevitable or carry on the way they have always lived, enjoying it as much as they can while they can, then that is no business of any one else and there is nothing that we or anyone else should be doing to force, cajole or frighten them into taking any other path. To do so would be wrong and in any case it is inconceivable that there will ever be enough activists to motivate the main body of world population/governments/businesses to the sort of action that would be required to make a difference towards achieving an environmental outcome that we could be satisfied with living in, in the time available.

    This is why I despair that there is any hope of achieving the sort of turnaround that would be necessary to alter the course of history that we appear to be heading towards.

    So, let’s not get on Frank’s case. If, and I only say ‘if’, that is similar to the conclusion that he (in his capacity as cartoon character) has arrived at, then it is entirely his business and is beyond questioning by anyone else.

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