PRI is Humanitarian Water and Food Award Finalist

The Permaculture Research Institute’s Jordan work has been put forward to receive the Humanitarian Water & Food Award for its work to create water conserving, food producing, environment and diversity restoring habitable space in some of the harshest environments on the planet, and for educating people on the ground in how to do this for themselves.

This work is looked at in the following posts and videos:

The award coordinators have notified us that we are now amongst the finalists. If we win, there would be a cash award we can use to help progress our efforts at establishing educational, demonstration (‘Master Plan‘) sites worldwide, and there will be opportunities for us to connect with donors eager to support this kind of root-cause restoration work. Hopefully there’d be a good bit of permaculture-focussed media attention as well.

Wish us luck!

Note: A big thanks goes to Allie Godfrey, Hilary Gibson, and Matthew Salkeld, all students of our July 11 PDC, for taking the initiative to write the submission for the PRI.



4 thoughts on “PRI is Humanitarian Water and Food Award Finalist

  1. The work which you are doing there in Jordan is amazing. Luck doesn’t come into it – the expertise and committment which you have shown should be enough. The results speak for themselves!

    But of course I wish you luck! And a successful course there next month. Perhaps you could publish more detail on dryland techniques when you have time? Thank you!

    Best wishes

  2. I’m rooting for you. I would love to see you guys win. Your work greatly encourages me, and God has used it to give my life clearer focus. Thank you!

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