Extreme Tree Planting – Trees for Earth

Matt Kilby from Trees for Earth is committed to rehabilitating our landscapes by planting trees in habitats where tree removal was implemented in the past.

Matt focuses on establishing trees in a way where survival rates are paramount and functional landscapes are all important.

Here he takes us through how he plants into difficult areas, where special techniques and care is critical to ensure high rates of survival and successful landscape rehabilitation.

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3 thoughts on “Extreme Tree Planting – Trees for Earth

  1. Hi Craig,

    This looks very interesting. Is there any way to tell how long vimeo vids are before loading them? This is important for people with limited broadband. Thanks.

  2. Hi Pebble. Just to the right of the bottom-left play button is (at least for me) a little white ‘speech rectangle/bubble’ thingee that says 07:56 (7 minutes, 56 secs).

    If you have slow internet, hit the play button, then after it’s got started a second or two, hit the pause button. While paused, the video will continue to buffer (you can see the progress bar move along). After it’s buffered enough, or completely, hit the play button again.

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