Money Well Spent?

This clip was made about a year ago. From a quick scan on the internet, the figures seem roughly on track, give or take a few billion.

YouTube Preview Image

Something has got to be skewed in our priorities.

Life on planet earth in the new millennium, huh – does make me wonder, what it’s all for?:

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6 thoughts on “Money Well Spent?

  1. Thanks Tony. The beauty of cronyism, plunderlust and centralisation certainly at work there. These guys are getting a decent chunk too:

    They’re now called Xe industries, changing their name because people have become aware of them….

  2. I find the full vid below from start is easier to understand
    The research I have done since the video, apart from a couple of wanders around my hometown
    Nature will recover from us and I believe permaculture is one part of the concept of life, life should be left for the man to decide
    but this may catch your eye Craig

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