Introducing the Wondrous CO2 Knob

Upsala Glacier: William L. Stefanov, NASA-JSC

It may seem that the Earth has always looked like it does now. It didn’t change much over the last centuries. How can one tell what the climate was like on Earth thousands and millions years ago? Was it hotter or cooler than now? What do the ice cores tell us? Was carbon dioxide involved in any way in shaping the climates of the past? Or, are the emissions of greenhouse gases changing the climate only now? What was driving climate change since humans were not burning fossil fuels? Where did the CO2 come from at that time?

Richard Alley is a geologist at the Penn State University, and the author of the “Two-Mile Time Machine”. He recently gave a talk at the meeting of the geophysicists. Geology may seem to be a little…erm… boring, however, when Richard talks about it, it is as lively as a basketball match. Studying climate these days can be an exciting and sometimes even dangerous occupation – when James Hansen, a climatologist from Goddard Institute for Space Studies, gave a talk couple of weeks ago in Houston, Texas, he was escorted to the hotel by the police, over concerns for his safety.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, here is Richard Alley:

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4 thoughts on “Introducing the Wondrous CO2 Knob

  1. Very interesting and complicated to say the least. Maybe i missed it but i didnt hear Richard Alley speak about CFCs which are also greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone layer. Emissions of CFCs have gone done since 2000 which corresponds with decreasing global surface temperatures, while co2 emissions have been increasing.

    Why has the earth been cooling since 2002 when there is more co2 in the atmosphere then there was 10 years ago?

    Seems to me that co2 is only part of the equation when it comes to climate change.

    Im sure the global elite would want us to believe that its all about co2 so they have a reason to tax us into enslavement. A global tax on carbon is the biggest lie in history. Free humanity will prevail in defeating the New World Order.

  2. Should we clean up the Earth? Yes.

    Should we stop polluters? Yes.

    Is CO2 a poison? NO. It’s Plant food.

    What drives the heat on the planet? The Sun!

    How far behind increased Sun Activity does CO2 appear in greater concentrations? 800 years. The Sun Drives CO2 which drives heating and cooling.

    Should we drive Less? Yes.

    Should GM have made an electric car? Yes.

    Should we all drive one? Uh, no it’s your choice.

    Should we jump headlong into trusting these scientists who are speculating at best? No, These are the same people that gave us bovine growth hormone, GM food, spidergoats, PCBs, RoundUp, Toxic Vaccines, Toxic Plastic, Fluoride, High Fructose Corn Syrup laced with mercury, Bailouts, etc… Aren’t you guys mad yet? At what point are you going to get mad?

    Should we trust the theories of scientists? Yes. If they’re kept a theory until it’s provable and repeatable. Not just take there word for it and throw billions of dollars into the toilet.

    I am sick and tired of people just swallowing anything people with lab coats or a microphone tout as truth. If the Earth is warming because of people then so be it, lets get a better plan than making carbon credits the force that makes people rich. If we are not causing the warming but we are still polluters then lets be able to separate the two and work the problems in a rational way. London just closed down a steel works so that the parent company could have 600 million carbon credits. Do you use steel tools? Are you ready for a tax on your chickens at the expense of fraud science?

    Is the Earth Over crowded? Should we get rid of 5 Billion people. NO! Have you driven across Kansas lately, Texas, Peru. Maybe more people need more education in making there own energy, food and entertainment. Then maybe they could move out of the big cities and see how big this planet really is.

    Do bad people do bad things? YES! So let’s be the good guys and fight this system and build communities and relationships that sustain themselves.

  3. Let us assume for the moment that peak oil and not climate change would have become the pressing issue a few years ago, and that governments would have started talks on distributing the remaining high-quality fuels in a way that avoids catastrophe.

    Would Alex Jones and the Conspiracy Crowd have seen this as a “proof for sinister plans to establish a New World Order”, which hence “has to be fought”, and proclaimed that “Peak Oil is just a theory by scientists who want to secure funding” etc. etc.?

    I am totally convinced they would.

    So, let’s assume it would have been neither climate nor oil, but food. Or clean water. Or phosphate. No matter what, the conspiracy crowd would always have smelled “clear evidence for the big New World Order conspiracy” behind that, throwing up all sorts of nonsensical and self-contradictory arguments, and resisting important constructive steps when they are needed most. Like now, with climate.

    Shame on you, guys. Shame.

  4. hello there
    we need to group together all the permaculture/earth/human thinking people and start making a change, to much talk not enough work. transition communitys/towns look it up on google.
    and if you realy want to know how enslaved we are already look at these web sites and i agree if we dont fight this (with love and strength) one world enslaved new order then are chidren will be next.
    love strength and happiness

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