What Our Students Say

It’s refreshing to see a focus on meeting the needs of the human family and this planet we call home, absent from political borders, abounding in healthful abundance and ideas. Thank you for sharing knowledge.

Gina Zook Fielders

Wow, the world looks different, brighter — there is hope in a sustainable future. The hope is in applying the principles of permaculture to the world around me. But where do I begin? What can I do to help create and live a life of surplus so that others can know that permaculture is the best solution for healing the earth while taking care of each other? This is how […]

Shawn Tisdell

Sharing with an open heart. This guy knows PC design.

Phillip Arundell

PDC course was excellent. I really enjoyed it. The only thing that I would change would be to have more info on Aquaculture systems and little bit less on desert climate solutions. In all it was 10/10. Thank You !

Nikola Cuca

It’s great to learn about swales and then go out and see them functioning.


This is the right path in seeking more knowledge about permaculture.

Buddy Bernardino

Doing a PDC with Geoff changed my life by giving me very clear directives for action, always in context, illuminated by ethics. I know exactly what I have to do with my life now.

Carolyn Payne

I had a wonderful time, 3 things in particular: – I was honored that Geoff and Nadia allowed us to intrude upon their personal living space (some of us come from much different places with different upbringings) – Having the opportunity to slaughter and process our food in a respectful manner (I don’t know of anywhere in Australia that teaches this basic human process) – and seeing Geoff and Nadia […]

Michael Wright

The course was great! All by all a fantastic experience.

Robert Slob


Latifa Abdul-Royal