What Our Students Say

I really have only positive things to say about the course and the overall experience. Food was tasty, nutritious and fresh. Camping facilities were fine and easy to access (I suppose an extra shower could help). The course itself was informative and inspiring, sort of gives you the kick you need to take action and start designing. Geoff is great at informing, motivating and breaking down the barriers to action […]

Leif Andreassen

Zaytuna Farm is an ideal site for attending your PDC. AS it is a working Permaculture farm it has lots of examples of techniques that you learn in the PDC, so you can see them in action. EG. There are many food forests in various stages and have been established using different strategies and plant mixes. The importance of placement of elements e.g. animals and plants, are seen and felt […]


All experience is what you make of it – so if you go to PRI, make sure to have the attitude and mindset to make the most out of it. The hands on experience and training at PRI gave me the foothold to pursue my calling which is to love and help as many people as I can. If I knew a better earthly way than permaculture to do that […]

Nicholas Burtner

Zaytuna Farm is an exceptional place to study permaculture because it is a highly dynamic environment, perpetually changing according to new observations and responses to observations, as well as newly perceived efficiencies and benefits. Extra plus points are that the Channon area is one of great beauty and surviving diversity, and the farm seems to be on the path as a station for many experts in different fields, adding into […]


It’s great to learn about swales and then go out and see them functioning.


I had a wonderful time at the course and enjoyed my experiences each day. Everything ran smoothly. I was pleased that we were able to help with some of the chores around the place. The camp site was well maintained and the WWOOFers/workers did an amazing job at taking care of our needs. The food was nourishing, at times adventurous and always delicious. Needless to say the PDC itself was […]

Erin Dumbauld

It’s refreshing to see a focus on meeting the needs of the human family and this planet we call home, absent from political borders, abounding in healthful abundance and ideas. Thank you for sharing knowledge.

Gina Zook Fielders

To be introduced to permaculture, it’s great to be surrounded by it.


I love the Permaculture Institute and I love the website, what I can see of it, but the links don’t work!!!! and that’s hugely frustrating!!! Please fix that so we can get in depth on this site. Thank you!

Julia Russell

PRI’s 10-week Internship was a powerful life-changing experience for me. Throughout the ten weeks at Zaytuna Farm, Geoff and the other experts gave me a practical foundation to explore my permaculture passions and, beyond that, helped me personally focus on my areas of skill to develop confidence as a professional. For those who are driven to create a self-directed learning trajectory in permaculture, this experience provides invaluable mentorship as well […]

David Stockhausen