What Our Students Say

To be introduced to permaculture, it’s great to be surrounded by it.


I spent six months volunteering with the Permaculture Research Institute in 2010, initially hoping to develop my practical skills and gain more experience in this exciting thing called Permaculture. I had recently made a big life change, leaving the security of a good job and a largely consumer existence, to engage in more meaningful work and lifestyle. My role at Zaytuna Farm quickly changed from participating as a volunteer, to […]

Dave Bauer

From the bottom of our hearts, a very BIG THANK YOU… for the time and passion and commitment you put into the course for all of us. Personally it re-focused, and let me see how truly amazing the soil / bio organisms making process is. Wow!! Both of us feel renewed in our focus and looking forward to our next steps. Looking forward to our unfolding and wonderful life with […]

Beverly & Tony De Vere

I had a wonderful time, 3 things in particular: – I was honored that Geoff and Nadia allowed us to intrude upon their personal living space (some of us come from much different places with different upbringings) – Having the opportunity to slaughter and process our food in a respectful manner (I don’t know of anywhere in Australia that teaches this basic human process) – and seeing Geoff and Nadia […]

Michael Wright

A PDC held at Zaytuna farm gives you the enviable opportunity of not only seeing the theory of Permaculture in action, but the optional experience of getting your hands dirty by being involved in the daily activities of a working Permaculture paradise. I found the daily opportunity of working alongside and interacting with those at Zaytuna strengthened my practical skills and allowed me to learn more as they patiently answered […]


I had a wonderful time at the course and enjoyed my experiences each day. Everything ran smoothly. I was pleased that we were able to help with some of the chores around the place. The camp site was well maintained and the WWOOFers/workers did an amazing job at taking care of our needs. The food was nourishing, at times adventurous and always delicious. Needless to say the PDC itself was […]

Erin Dumbauld

Wow, the world looks different, brighter — there is hope in a sustainable future. The hope is in applying the principles of permaculture to the world around me. But where do I begin? What can I do to help create and live a life of surplus so that others can know that permaculture is the best solution for healing the earth while taking care of each other? This is how […]

Shawn Tisdell

Sharing with an open heart. This guy knows PC design.

Phillip Arundell

This group has done more for the cause of permaculture than any other I know of.

David Jones

I have learned so much just from what they provide for free on the web. I cant wait to go there in person so I can complete my Permaculture training and education I love this institute and all of the work that they do

Dominique D Roseberry