Human Permaculture: looking at migration as flow to solve problems


Permaculture is largely about turning problems into solutions. Many social issues currently seen as problems, when looked at closely, simply require a little re-organisation or ‘re-design’, which permaculture techniques, even those normally used to design land or water flow, can apply to. These involve looking carefully at the energies which go into a system, and human movements and desires can also be seen as energies. This article will examine a […]

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Stepping lightly

seed envelope

From the time I was going through my fragile adolescent age, when everyone’s opinions were more important than my own, up until today where I can defend my ways with ‘logical’ arguments through permaculture, I’m often accused of being a non-conformist. These days, this is a compliment! I always thought we only need to have a few pairs of shoes and wear them until they fall apart. And then wear […]

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2015: A year of ‘firsts’ for Permaculture in Greece!


Tumultuous times? Permaculture power! Go green, Greece! You may be hearing the worst about Greece, so here’s the best news: people are turning to permaculture! All that abandoned land, all those forgotten properties: permaculture is providing appealing solutions that make returning to the land a desirable and delicious option. It’s the only thing that makes sense in a nonsensical world! And in case you are wondering who I am, my […]

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Permaculture taking its ground in North Laikipia, Kenya!


Editor Note. This site is a great example of Permaculture in an environment that can be quite challenging, if you would like to see first hand how people work with their local conditions, please check out their website here or attend one of the PDC’s on offer. The Laikipia North region is a dryland facing severe problems of drought, food shortage, malnutrition, high mother/infant mortality, climate change challenges, massive soil […]

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Last Day of IPCUK Live Stream


Today is the last day of the live stream from the 12th International Permaculture Conference. Todays speakers include Geoff Lawton of the Permaculture Research Institute, who will be discussing The Global Potential of Permaculture. For those who missed yesterdays presentations or for those wanting to watch it again, you can view it by pressing play on the player at the bottom of this post or viewing it on the Official […]

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Permaculture as a Method for Ecological Healing:

Stream Pipe - feature

Maui Case Study with Native Plants and Stream Restoration. Photography by Jasmine A Koster It may not seem readily apparent when viewing scenic photos, or strolling along the beach shoreline if you’ve been there, but something like 90% of Hawaii’s species are invasive. In other words, a species had no chance of getting to these isolated islands–and adapting to its new environment to become a new species over time–unless it […]

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Swale Calculator Spacing Tool


Douglas Barnes of permaculturereflections, who is a sustainable designer from the countryside in Tweed Ontario, has created a great tool that can be used to help with Swale implementation. This calculator, located on his website here, addresses Swale spacing that has been a perennial question in Permaculture. This calculator turns the problem on its head and gives you the best estimate for spacing based on swale size. Why calculate spacing? […]

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Designing the World We Want Livestream


The great people hosting the 12th International Permaculture Conference have allowed us to share the live stream of the event through You can view it now either at their website here or in the player below. This is a great service and is a credit to the professional organisational skills of the men and women from the IPCUK. This will give the whole world the chance to be involved. […]

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Permaculture Finalist For Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Health 925

Callum Morrison is a Finalist for the Regional Achievement and Community Award. Callum has been working on the Waminda House Community Garden in Benalla, Victoria and started out with the Potbot, now updated to the Dirt Bottle Irrigation. The garden has overgrown during a cold winter but should be re-started again soon. Since writing the previous article on Potbot irrigation, Here is an update. It appears also that the dirt […]

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Often we read or hear about how awesome a permaculture design course can be. It is usually described as a great informative experience, where all participants are very impressed and fascinated by the amount of knowledge that they achieve in so little time. However one may also think that all those fine words and enthusiastic remarks are simply used for some “nice talk” about permaculture values and principles, but that […]

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How To Grow Tulsi – Sacred Basil


Tulsi also known as Sacred Basil or Holy Basil is a perennial herb that can be grown in the subtropics and the tropics. It is grown for it’s medicinal properties, as a culinary herb, and by the Hindus for religious and ceremonial purposes. As well as being a perennial edible plant it is also incredible bee forage almost full time. Most plants flower for a certain time of the year […]

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How to Make Your Own Dairy-Free Milk, Cheese & Yogurt

Homemade Almond Milk in Recycled Bottles (Courtesy of Samatha Bell)

Homemade Almond Milk in Recycled Bottles (Courtesy of Samatha Bell) It’s not always the most popular subject to broach within public and/or permaculture circles, but the fact of the matter is that in many, many recent studies dairy is being linked to several chronic illnesses, including cardiovascular issues, cancer, and digestive woes. It’s no wonder, really, as we are the only animal to regularly consume the milk of another, and […]

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