Rehydration to support diversity farming for sustainable food security


Hubert Timmenga is a soil scientist and environmental scientist practicing agricultural consulting in Western Canada. He obtained a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands and earned a PhD in Soil Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada. He recently completed Geoff Lawton’s 2015 Online PDC Course. Geoff suggested that Hubert write a paper on rehydration to encourage bigger-picture thinking. This […]

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Some Tips on Making Compost

feature.Using the pitchfork to shape and aerate. Photo by Ashwanden smaller

As every gardener knows, one of the key things you need if you are going to grow plants is good soil. When using permaculture this necessity can sometimes be challenged; for example, in very dry or extreme (very dry/very wet) climates such as Mediterranean, some people recommend using no soil at all but instead growing all of your plants in gravel or small pebbles. This technique, suggested by for example […]

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My Interview with Graham Turner on ‘Limits to Growth’


Below is the next instalment of the interview series Jordan Osmond and I are releasing as part of the crowd-funding campaign for our documentary, A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity. Thank you to all the generous souls who have helped us reach our first goal in 18 days! For more information on the documentary or to make a donations, please see here. The 1972 book, Limits to Growth, is the […]

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Food Crisis: Problem is the Solution

UGA College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Courtesy of PARIS—Nestled in a valley in the northern French countryside of Normandy, the Bec Hellouin farm, once the first permaculture farm in France, produces some 800 varieties of fruits and vegetables. In 2004, world travelers and teachers, Perrine and Charles Hervé-Gruyer, decided to turn their energies and talents to farming. Their acres of intensive polyculture fields, two greenhouses, two mandala gardens for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers coexist […]

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My Nomadic permaculture journey continued


I shared some of my experiences around the world in my article A Nomadic Permaculture Journey continues……PDC Spain 2014 a few month ago with you all and would like to continue with a short update from my current work here in Spain & Portugal since then plus some info about my last few month of work in India, Thailand and finally Australia, the country of origin of permaculture. We finished […]

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Permaculture Design Course near Barcelona – October 2015


This October we are returning to the magical La Garrotxa, near Barcelona, for our 3rd Permaculture Design Course in Spain. We are excited to offer a 17-day PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATE (PDC) PLUS Course with over 90 hours curriculum, full of practical knowledge, hands-on experiences and design exercises in a place of great natural beauty. The PDC program integrates with optional daily yoga sessions ,mindfulness practices, Deep Ecology/ Nature Connection exercises, […]

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Beyond Chores: Permaculture as an evolving system


I’ve never particularly liked doing chores. Growing up I did, as many children do, my best to avoid any and all chores. There is something about the nature of a chore that grinds at me. A chore tends to be something we have to do in order to keep a system functioning, whatever that system may be. I fully appreciate the importance of performing regular tasks to ensure that the […]

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Ecological enterprises for 727 Kenyan farmers


Summary PRI-Kenya’s Permaculture & Regenerative Enterprise Programme is an innovative approach to development aiming to build sustainable livelihoods and food security whilst regenerating the environment in 4 different rural locations in Kenya. We do this through permaculture agroforestry systems where food crops and cash crops are intercropped in a mutually beneficial way. Groups are further supported with ecological value addition, processing and linkages to organic markets. What is the issue, […]

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Why Are We Being Fed By A Poison Expert?

Screenshot (60)

While we have made a strong effort to put forward strongly positive articles on this site, we will share this very good presentation video by “The Undercurrent” The video is courtesy of their Youtube Channel “The Undercurrent” Is the ‘old’ Monsanto, the one responsible for producing Agent Orange, PCB’s and DDT and a terrible record at covering up and denying the tragedies that have resulted from their use, the same […]

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Permaculture – a real education for children


After writing The Permaculture Student (, I soon realized that just having a permaculture class in traditional schools wasn’t enough, we needed schools that were entirely dedicated to teaching permaculture to children the full academic year and not in summer. In my research and education, I also have come to realize that we cannot force anyone to learn anything, that all is choice-based if we are seeking true intent, and […]

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10 Things to Do with Avocadoes Besides Making Guacamole


Over the last five years, I’ve spent a good three of them living and working at an eco-hotel, Earth Lodge, that doubles as an organic avocado farm. It was here that I first started pursuing interests in gardening, as well as eco-building, fermenting, and much more of the like. At the lodge, I’ve worked reception, reigned as dinner chef, acted as a handyman, developed diverse polycultural gardens, and played for […]

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The Protest


Friday night -“An analysis of the budget suggests that the second poorest 10 percent of society will be the hardest hit by the Chancellor’s measures, while the second richest decile are the only group to receive a handout from his budget” -Bloody typical. Not even the smear campaign his opposition launched would have stopped him from playing Prince John. -Well, don’t wait for Robin Hood either – he’s long dead. […]

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