The Death Of Bees Explained – Parasites, Poison and Humans

bee colony colapse

In 2015 the bees are still dying in masses. Which at first seems not very important until you realize that one third of all food humans consume would disappear with them. Millions could starve. The foes bees face are truly horrifying – some are a direct consequence of human greed. We need to help our small buzzing friends or we will face extremely unpleasant consequences.

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A Walk in Nature – What’s in it for my Mind?

IMG_6132 ingrid pullen photography  copy_Fotor

With increased urbanization and demographic shift from rural to urban areas, more and more people are getting alienated from nature. At the same time, with each passing year, the number of people taking medication or visiting psychiatrist due to depression, mood disorder and other mental illness is on a steep rise. Is there a link between our mental health and nature? If so, how does nature influence an individual’s mood […]

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Environmental Awareness in Pakistan


Environmental awareness, industries working more and more towards it with passing time. With progress related to the industrial sector comes one thing for sure, a more degrading environment. Our advancement has always affected the nature adversely but the trend has changed majorly in the last decade and the population has become more inclined towards the environment protection. The degradation has finally changed the outlook of the society towards the environment […]

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Convenience Food for Beginners: Urban and Suburban Zoning the Permaculture Way

Home Garden in Bogota

We never see it coming. In the beginning, there is all the excitement, seedlings going into the carefully groomed garden bed. We’ve enriched the soil the best we can, an assortment of legumes and compost. We’ve played the game right with a thick, organic coating of mulch so that the soil stays lively, airy, and moist. We’ve intercropped, designed with symbiotic relationships in mind, knowing that as our plants grow […]

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Rapidly-Cut Swales with Tractor Blade


We are making early progress on our 320-acre Missouri permaculture-farm project (Jordan Rubin’s Heal the Planet Farm). Last fall, a local dozer operator was brought in to dig the first swales. It was a small dozer but it did a respectable job and did the work in a relatively short period of time compared to an excavator. See the blog post with video here. Before we brought the dozer back […]

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Bear Roots Farm Permaculture Design Certificate Course


The course will be held at beautiful Bear Roots Farm in South Barre Vermont. This 87 acre farm is comprised of the farm house multiple barns and support buildings, 50 acres of open pasture and 37 acres of rolling hills and forest. There are views to the east of Spruce Peak and lovely private camping areas. Bear Roots farm is a year-round, certified-organic, vegetable farm in their second year of […]

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Food Sovereignty

chopping axe

With many economic, agricultural, and water systems in crisis, it makes sense to develop self-sufficiency. Throughout human history, individuals and communities provided basic needs for themselves. Over the last 100 years, the basic necessities have been consigned to centralized institutions. The majority of the world’s population are now dependent on monolithic systems for their water, food, heat, and medicine. When these systems fail, the masses will be unable to meet […]

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Best Kids’ Permaculture Album Ever

formidable vegetable sound system

The story of the project. Music is by far the raddest way to learn stuff! Our band Formidable Vegetable Sound System has been touring around the world for the past three years singing songs about permaculture (ecological design) at some of the biggest festivals on the planet (Glastonbury, BOOM) in the hope of inspiring people to start growing food everywhere and to take better care of the planet. After releasing […]

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Stationary Chook Tractor


Volunteers and students, together with Tom Kendall, have constructed a stationary chook tractor to enable chickens to prepare their own patch for planting and eating… At “Maungaraeeda”, home of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast. There are four cells in this set-up, with it focussed on a time structure.

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Pattern Language and Learning through Music


Bill Mollison believes that today, “we are the worlds most ignorant people and society, whereas former societies were well informed through song and patterns”. Ironically, this was one of the first things I remember learning in my PDC and from the very beginning I started getting right into the ideas of pattern understanding and non-linear systems of learning. When we were given the task of preparing a ‘non-linear’ class presentation […]

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PDC, the Loom to Weave the Net


We were in the process of organizing our next PDC and searching for an appropriate site. So we sent our talent scout Ignazio, Italian agronomist and founder of the association Laboratorio di Permacultura Mediterranea, on an exploration tour in Salento. Ever heard about this place? Maybe I should start by saying that this is the part of Puglia region commonly known as “the heel of the Italian boot” and that […]

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Permaculture Swaying on the Stunning Emerald Waters of Kilifi, Kenya

DR Ecolodge, Kilifi - Copy

It’s no secret that Tom and Romain Mari have totally transformed Kilifi. With their tireless enthusiasm, style, passion, sweat and tears they have managed to create the coolest place on the East African Coastline: Distant Relatives Eco lodge and Backpackers. When we first met them in 2011, we kicked it off immediately; their visions of creating a masterpiece that would re-ignite a sense of global community and a positive scene […]

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