Calling Five Percent of US Residents to Action on GMOs


Pinky, who is fast becoming my favourite cat, has conducted the following excellent interview with Jeffrey Smith, founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology and author of Seeds of Deception. The 43 minute interview covers a lot of ground, including the latest incarnation of life patenting — the patenting of human genes. Did you know that many of the genes in your body are owned by corporations? Absurd, but true. […]

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Last Days of Ancient Sunlight?

bottom of barrel 01

A very glum, serious looking energy advisor, Dr. Robert Hirsch, made some alarming statements on CNBC recently — statements you’d be unlikely to spot on Fox News. It is estimated that by 2025 worldwide demand for oil will increase 50% over 2005 levels — much of this increased demand coming from developing China and India. Dr. Hirsch now says it is “very likely we are at the maximum of world […]

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Pesticides, and You


I promised to follow up on our recent Which Came First – Pests, or Pesticides? story with some info on how these nasties can affect your environment, and you. We’ll do so, specifically, by looking at the meaning of the term bio-magnification. How many have heard the term? Hmm…, a few raised hands. How many of you can explain its meaning to others in the class? Okay, not so many. […]

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A Refrigerator that Runs Without Electricity


Sometimes there are simple solutions to universal needs that don’t require coal fired electricity, fossil fuels, or even solar panels or wind turbines. Around a third of the world’s population have no access to electricity. If you’re like me, you’ve spent your entire life being able to plug in. Do we ever give a thought to what life would be like if the various appliances we’ve come to rely on […]

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Orchestrating Famine – a Must-Read Backgrounder on the Food Crisis


The era of cheap food is over — this means disaster for millions, and mega-profits for a few. How did we get into this mess? Most objective observers of the current food crisis are understandably concerned. Around 45% of the world’s population live on two dollars per day or less. Skyrocketing food prices are now bringing stress to two billion people, and despair to millions — around one hundred million, […]

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Hypocrites Unite!


At least we have some ideals to fall short of. by George Monbiot – journalist, author, academic and environmental and political activist In her new book, Not In My Name, Julie Burchill reserves her grandest fury about hypocrites for environmentalists. We are, she says, pious, sexless and contemptuous of humankind. All of us are posh and rich, and have found in environmentalism a new excuse for lecturing the poor. We […]

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Soil – Our Financial Institution

Man hoeing vegetable garden soil

Soil — the substance you walk on, build on, and live from — provides your food, clothing, and even the air you breathe. It gives warmth, shelter, and the goods you possess. Soil is, I believe, a substance that is under-acknowledged, and also under attack, and its misuse is contributing greatly to the excessive release of CO2 into our atmosphere – making it a large contributor to global warming. Therefore, […]

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Small is Bountiful


by George Monbiot – journalist, author, academic and environmental and political activist. Originally published in the Guardian, 10 June 2008 I suggest you sit down before you read this. Robert Mugabe is right. At last week’s global food summit he was the only leader to speak of “the importance … of land in agricultural production and food security”.(1) Countries should follow Zimbabwe’s lead, he said, in democratising ownership. Of course […]

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18-Day Compost – the Appliance of Science

compost 01

Composting puts carbon back where it belongs – in our soils! You may have got beyond the ‘heave it in and hope’ stage of composting, but the average heap or bin still involves a lot of trial and error. This 18-day compost system takes the guesswork out of your heap and turbo-charges the whole process. But, it does require consistent effort for two weeks and careful monitoring to work properly. […]

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Shell Shock and Delta Blues


Click for larger view Courtesy: Throbgoblins While the US and UK concentrates most of its oil warriors in the middle east it’s easy to forget the struggle that goes on and on for the black gold of Nigeria. Both place and people continue to suffer, and Gordon Brown has sent in some professional help to deal with those pesky locals. The rush to keep it cheap and keep it burning […]

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