Best Kids’ Permaculture Album Ever

formidable vegetable sound system

The story of the project. Music is by far the raddest way to learn stuff! Our band Formidable Vegetable Sound System has been touring around the world for the past three years singing songs about permaculture (ecological design) at some of the biggest festivals on the planet (Glastonbury, BOOM) in the hope of inspiring people to start growing food everywhere and to take better care of the planet. After releasing […]

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Stationary Chook Tractor


Volunteers and students, together with Tom Kendall, have constructed a stationary chook tractor to enable chickens to prepare their own patch for planting and eating… At “Maungaraeeda”, home of the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast. There are four cells in this set-up, with it focussed on a time structure.

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Pattern Language and Learning through Music


Bill Mollison believes that today, “we are the worlds most ignorant people and society, whereas former societies were well informed through song and patterns”. Ironically, this was one of the first things I remember learning in my PDC and from the very beginning I started getting right into the ideas of pattern understanding and non-linear systems of learning. When we were given the task of preparing a ‘non-linear’ class presentation […]

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PDC, the Loom to Weave the Net


We were in the process of organizing our next PDC and searching for an appropriate site. So we sent our talent scout Ignazio, Italian agronomist and founder of the association Laboratorio di Permacultura Mediterranea, on an exploration tour in Salento. Ever heard about this place? Maybe I should start by saying that this is the part of Puglia region commonly known as “the heel of the Italian boot” and that […]

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Permaculture Swaying on the Stunning Emerald Waters of Kilifi, Kenya

DR Ecolodge, Kilifi - Copy

It’s no secret that Tom and Romain Mari have totally transformed Kilifi. With their tireless enthusiasm, style, passion, sweat and tears they have managed to create the coolest place on the East African Coastline: Distant Relatives Eco lodge and Backpackers. When we first met them in 2011, we kicked it off immediately; their visions of creating a masterpiece that would re-ignite a sense of global community and a positive scene […]

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The Solar Investment Tax Credit


As countries prepare for the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) on November 2015, the United States has made tremendous steps to fight global warming, such as signing bilateral agreements with China and Brazil to reduce their CO2 emissions. The U.S. has also made big changes at the domestic level, especially in the use of renewable sources in its electricity sector. To promote the use of more cleaner and […]

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The Invisible Dimension: Suggestions for how to relate to the air we breathe

Clear Sky. Photo by David Ashwanden

It brings us what we need and takes away what we don’t need; helps to cool us when we are hot and warm us when we are cold; it’s inside us and around us – in fact, we are constantly moving through it, and there are not many places on the planet where it is totally absent. Yet this most basically necessary of elements, the air, is also the place […]

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Living With The Land Part 5 – No-Dig Gardening


Growing organic vegetables commercially for over 30 years, Charles Dowding has developed a no-dig method of cultivation for temperate climate gardening. Charles and his partner Steph Hafferty introduces us to Homeacres, his 1/4 acre market garden. Now supplying year-round salad and fresh vegetables for local restaurants, Charles took just one winter to transform it from weedy pasture using mulch and no-dig gardening. No-dig gardening is a technique regularly used in […]

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The Oft-Forgotten Art of Growing Mulch

What a Pile of Mulch (Courtesy of Joe Hoover)

Mulching We know we’ve got to do. Nothing else makes quite so much sense. It drastically lessens the water needed for growing plants, cutting the quantity easily in half and often much better than that. It feeds our plants by breaking down into fertile composted materials right where it’s needed. It protects the soil life, helps to prevent erosion and stops the compacting effects of rain. In the winter, it’s […]

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The Thing About Bees


Bees are the most incredible insects on the planet. They have been buzzing around for hundreds of thousands of years, and are responsible for the pollination of as much as 80 percent of flowering plants. In turn, at least 30 percent of the world’s food supply is reliant on pollination, which makes us highly reliant on bees. On the downside, too many people don’t appreciate the value of bees, plus […]

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Growing food, Growing Community


The example of the Hawley Hamlet | Tim Rinne | TEDxLincoln We grow enough lawn to cover the state of Ohio. This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Since 2010, Tim and his wife have gone from a measly little tomato patch to six tenths of an acre (the equivalent of roughly 65 yards of a football field). They have planted over […]

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Bartering System Makes a Comeback Due to Greek Financial Crisis


Greece is in financial crisis. That’s unlikely to be news to anyone after updates on the Greek economy have been gracing our television screens, newspapers and radios for the last month or so. But most of the reports focus on the impact that the financial crisis and the third bailout programme will have on the country’s banking system and on its large, medium and small business; rather than taking a […]

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