How and Why to Rotate Your Annual Crops


Sure enough the bulk of us permies are working to establish perennial sources of food, cultivating food forests for high yields with low inputs. Nevertheless, annual food crops are often what our kitchen gardens are chiefly comprised of. It’s no big shock, really, as that has been what most of us have grown up eating, enjoy the flavor of, and thus want to grow. No doubt, we should be cultivating […]

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Biochar, A Brief History

Charcoal picture

Biochar, while boasting an ancient history, is actually just gaining popularity among many circles today. While it’s believed that ancient South American cultures would use biochar (or burning agricultural waste, covered in soil) to increase soil productivity, the term wasn’t coined until Peter Read did so in 2005, to describe a substance that looks almost like charcoal, but that is actually biomass carbonized and made into a solid material, used […]

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The Problem with Urban Agriculture? – A Fact Based Rebuttal to a Landscape Architecture’s Misconceptions

Urban greening

There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the later ignorance. Hippocrates The importance of urban agriculture (UA) is steadily growing as the issue of urban food security rises in prominence worldwide. Localised agriculture has historically always been the domain of communities, driven and lead by skilled and committed individuals who grew food to sustain their people. Furthermore, localised agriculture has worked without major problems, […]

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Humus: A 20-Minute Primer with Graeme Sait

Man digs a hole

Graeme Sait is the co-counder of Nutri-Tech Solutions, author of Nutrition Rules!, and founder of the Radiance Festival. His work focuses on the connection between soil conditions and nutrition, following the ancient wisdom of the adage “you are what you eat.” This short video is dedicated to the key component of our planet’s soil system: humus. Graeme begins by explaining the impetus behind this particular presentation, which he said was […]

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Free Geothermal Power from Earth’s Heart

Geothermal Power Plant

I have yet to get my mind around the idea that Earth’s inner core is dense iron and nickel, surrounded by boiling liquid like the stuff that comes out of volcanos. Nevertheless I find the potential power of it awesome, although it does remind me how transient life is on earth. The ancient Greeks were not far off when they believed everything – including you and me – is a […]

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When Chlorosis is Caused by Nitrogen Deficiency


Chlorosis is a condition in plants where the leaves have yellowish colouration due to insufficient amount of chlorophyll in their cells. Chlorosis can be caused by a number of reasons including; deficiency of nutrients (such as iron, nitrogen, manganese, zinc), disease infestation, damaged roots, high soil alkalinity and compacted roots (1). This article concentrates on chlorosis due to nitrogen deficiency in plants. Why does nitrogen deficiency cause yellowing? To understand […]

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Cows, Carbon and Climate | Joel Salatin | TEDxCharlottesville

Cows, Carbon and Climate feat

This year, Salatin was featured at a TEDx Talk in Charlottesville, entitled Cows, Carbon and Climate, which places a large focus on the grass-herbivore relationship. He immediately calls out his listeners (and today’s society) for being disconnected from grass. Not golf course, manicured-lawn grass, but the grass like that found when the first explorers entered Virginia centuries ago. He paints an attractive picture for listeners of historic pastures so lush […]

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Permaculture in the City

Permaculture in the City

This article is not about growing food in city. We will talk about city life, where you work 8 to 6 and still have a social life, and trying to pay a mortgage or two and live on plastics rather than cash money. Life in metropolitan cities are fast, relies on money and communication is mostly online. How can you sustain your existence in a fast moving life style? There […]

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Last September the European Permaculture Convergence took place in Italy, that is in a charming location called Bolsena, a small town lying on the shores of huge volcanic lake where swans use to swim peacefully on the mesmerizing water surface reflecting the colours of sky and hills. The giant sycamore trees scattered all around seem to be standing there as the loving and protective arms of our Mother Earth. There […]

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Carafe of clean and dirty water

Phytoremediation is a biological technique used to restore polluted water and soil environments to their natural state. It involves the use of living plants and their related micro organisms to remove contaminants from the environment or to degrade contaminants to a lesser toxic form (1,2,6). Anthropogenic activities such as mine tailings, fertilizer applications, pesticides, heavy metal disposal, petrochemicals, animal manures and sewage sludges cause soil pollution (2,4,5). Heavy metals are […]

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Making Microbes: Fungal vs Bacterial Soil Life

Fungal vs Bacterial Soil Life feat

Organic gardeners and farmers understand the need to cultivate and protect soil microorganism life. The strategies to do this involve mulching, composting, and avoiding soil disturbance as much as possible. We know that these strategies, in addition to many others, encourage a healthy soil-food-web. The soil-food-web is the interconnected matrix of invisible (fungi, bacteria, protozoa, nematodes) and visible (earthworms, beetles, arthropods) creatures that have a whole host of functions which […]

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Greenhouse of Abundance Online


Solution Era has now launched a crowd funding campaign for our online course, Greenhouse of Abundance. This project will help to dramatically change the way people live their lives. The response has been enormous!! Within in the first 24 hours, we managed to reach our initial goal!! Now, we are aiming for a larger amount, which will enable us to translate the course into English and other languages, as well […]

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