PRI Luganville, Set Up Stage 1


Tom and Zaia Kendall from PRI Sunshine Coast join Daniele Bettini, Anne Blanc and Meriem Kadiri to set up the Permaculture Research Institute Luganville in Vanuatu. The Permaculture Research Institute Luganville volunteers, with Aunty Lyn Tom and I arrived in Port Vila Sunday afternoon and went to our accommodation. We settled in and got prepared for the next day. On Monday morning we went to the Financial Services Commission in […]

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Permaculture Teacher Training for Women


ABOUT THE COURSE: REGISTER HERE Description Drawing on the wisdom of ecological systems and indigenous knowledge, Permaculture offers us a vision, design approach, and tools to create a world of health and abundance. Increased inclusion and support of leadership and perspective from women of diverse backgrounds is vital to this vision. In this unique and innovative program, we explore diversity and leadership while building our confidence. We practice teaching Permaculture […]

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Abundance Mindset Reflected In The Greenspace


We really do have everything we need; when we are open to it. Permaculture teaches us to understand ourselves and our environment and to harness what nature provides – in all her glory and to maximise the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of a combined labour of love and intention for abundance. My garden reminds of this each time I step out into her green glory. In spite of our […]

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Defining Permaculture Away from the Garden


I’ve recently been interacting with a lot of people who are new to, but completely interested in, Permaculture, and in general, they think of it as a type of gardening. Most often, the explanation I hear of what newbies think Permaculture is revolves around using raised beds. And, honestly, I can remember once feeling much the same. It seems it’s the question so many of us —permies— are forever trying […]

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Living with the Land: Film Series Partners


Narrated by Sir Tim Smit KBE, creator of The Eden Project Martin Crawford, pioneering forest gardener, introduces us to his beautiful Forest Garden full of food, fibres and medicinal plants in South Devon. Centred around a key interview with Martin, the film uses drone shots for never seen before vantage points of his garden. What once stood as a flat field in 1994, is today a multi layered, ecosystem of […]

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Can you power your home on a Car Battery?


Well, the answer is it all depends. I have converted my home in Sydney to run on a carefully designed and well planned 12-volt system. We live in the City of Blacktown on an urban block and took the plunge to see if it was possible to run a normal home on a 12-volt system. Let me give you a rundown on what we use in our home each day. […]

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Bee PSA at TreadLightly Farm


My PSA for the Bees! We need to revolutionize the way we grow food, and create habitat and homes for the Bees to live on site year round ( vs being shipped around the world ). We need to use the power of Permaculture to create Sustainability! I visited Rob and Karyn Kimmell’s Tread Lightly Farm and captured their wonderful wildflowers and wisdom from Rob on taking care of the […]

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Latest 3 Months of Practical Work & Learning at PRI Sunshine Coast


The importance of the demonstration, research and education we are a part of at PRI Sunshine Coast becomes more and more obvious when we look at the current challenging situations all around the world, the daily worrying news of war, exploitation and destruction. The evidence to act cannot be overlooked any longer and I think if we are not part of the solution, we are possibly part of the problem. […]

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Free Trade Agreements and Sovereignty


Public distrust over free trade agreements have risen over the past few years as they become more common. Recently, public opinion worldwide has been critical of the announced Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). If approved, the two agreements would tie together not only the economies, but also regulations and standards, of the United States and eleven other Pacific nations (through the TPP), and the […]

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Permaculture Teacher Training Course with Geoff Lawton

The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Teacher Training Course is intended to provide a starting point for becoming a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) teacher. It will help you to develop a format and framework for teaching the curriculum, which is the extensive 72-hour transformative PDC course. This course covers the philosophy of teaching including the following: What you will be doing as a permaculture teacher; who you are likely to be […]

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Geoff Lawton speaks with Permaculture Tonight


by Matt Powers, host of Permaculture Tonight What’s interesting about our interview is it was supposed to be 15-20 minutes of time, not impose on Geoff’s schedule & to really get an update on his upcoming projects which I was sure everyone wanted to hear about. What was interesting was that I initially ended up interviewing Latifa, Geoff’s 5-year-old daughter, and then having my 4-year-old boy hijack my interview with […]

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Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom cultivation is an intricate, but rewarding art. The fungal networks called mycelium need specific conditions to produce healthy mushrooms. If the conditions are off, the mycelium will be too busy fighting microbes to produce healthy fruiting mushrooms. For the beginner, I recommend a mushroom growing kit. These kits come with a pasteurized substrate, grain spawn, and a suitable container for cultivation. These kits provide novice growers the opportunity to […]

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