Hands Off Our Apples

Female hands holding red apple at garden at sunny day

Apples are, without a doubt, one of the most diversely cultivated fruits in the Northern Temperate climates. Long before modern-day humans existed, the wild apple progenitor had evolved in Central Asia, where it can be found to this day.(1) Its image is interwoven into the rich fabric of human history. Throughout the ages it has been featured in countless artistic works from paintings and sculptures to domestic needlework. The apple […]

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Americans Are Not Consuming Enough Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit market with various colorful fresh fruits and vegetables

For a number of years the CDC has been studying the fruit and vegetable intake of Americans based on national dietary guidelines. Currently, the guidelines recommend 2-4 servings of fruit, and 3-5 servings of vegetables daily. In 2013 state and national surveys determined that on average, only 13% of americans met the recommended daily serving of fruit. As for vegetables, only 9% met the recommendation. These numbers seem less surprising […]

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Shou Sugi Ban: How to Preserve Wood Using Fire

Shou Sugi Ban Feat

Modern building practices often use designs and materials which cause destruction or detriment to the surrounding ecosystem and utilize resources which may be cheap to buy but are expensive to the Earth (see for example 1). Luckily for the Earth, a myriad of projects out there are following the “use and value renewable resources and services” principle with building materials and techniques. One common natural resource to use is wood, […]

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Implementing Aquaponics in Permaculture

Leaf lettuce plantation in hydroponics system

Aquaponics (AP from now on) is a system to produce fish and vegetables in a closed loop system. It is not mentioned in permaculture books but I think AP has a place as part of a permaculture design. It is possible to incorporate the AP in a sustainable way in our designs too. AP cannot be the main food producing system though. In an integrated food producing systems, it has […]

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Learning What the Dendritic Pattern Is (It Looks Like a Tree) and Applying It to Design

Dendritic Tree (romana klee)

Recently, I’ve been working my way through Geoff Lawton’s new online course, in particular chapter four, which concentrates on Pattern Understanding, as found in Bill Mollison’s Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual. It’s a topic that I do enjoy, though it sometimes feels a bit steeped in jargon, words formerly unfamiliar to me—tessellation and dendritic—appearing again and again. However, it’s the later, the dendritic pattern, that has recently captivated me, and I […]

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Failed Promises of GMO

crude oil on oil spill accident on Ao Prao Beach at Samet island

Thanks largely to Europe’s flat rejection of GMO seeds for the last twenty years, as compared to North America’s overwhelming welcome of them, the New York Times was able to conduct a thorough analysis of United Nations data on the two promised benefits of the infamous GMO products: increased crop yield and decreased pesticide usage. The results, as many farmers already knew from years of experience, are that these promises […]

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How To Grow Your Own Mulch?

How to grow your own mulch feat

Growing my own mulch has long been a goal of mine. We use a lot of mulch in the nursery and garden and at the moment we have no problem sourcing straw but if/when the day comes that the farmers start using their own straw to improve their soil (which is becoming a more common practice), We’ll be needing to step up our mulch growing efforts. Currently, we grow enough mulch to sustain the perennial beds and around 10 % of the annual beds but rely on imported straw for mulching the other 90% of annual vegetable and nursery beds.

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Maximizing Your Urban Space

Small herb and flower garden built on terrace

I’ve been an apartment-dweller most of my life, and I used to think that growing food was always going to be a distant dream. I felt like my lack of ground soil and minimal surface area could never support more than a few herbs in containers, and that city life was holding me back. Many of us lack the luxury of abundant land, but still want to grow and nurture […]

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Healing Forests

Mount Crawford Forest Reserve with afternoon sunlight through trees, South Australia

Most individuals who work in an office or spend a majority of their time indoors will readily admit they feel better — less stressed, more energized and more in tune with themselves — when they just get outside. Healing Forest is a project that works off this universal truth; channeling the long history of mankind’s relationship with the wilderness before a wide and open expanse called home was replaced with […]

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Homesteading Feat

As a homesteader, you find yourself working almost all day, and sometimes into the night. It’s a great lifestyle, but you have to work efficiently if you want to get all your chores done every day. One way I found to save time is by using Permaculture growing methods. Not only is Permaculture a time saver, but it has helped us to have much fewer pest problems, better harvests, improved […]

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There’s A Bumble Bee In MY Eco-Garden

There's A Bumble Bee In MY Eco-Garden feat

There’s a Bumblebee in my eco-garden, She just chased me down the path. I must have got too close to her nest, Cause now she wants to bite me in the arse! Its a funny thing this eco-garden, All manner of creatures seem to make it home. They say variety is the spice of life, and that’s soo true, Cause these creatures add a flavour to the garden that’s all […]

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