Over 1 Hour Presentation on Food Forest Establishment (video)

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by Jack Spirko This is a presentation I gave in November 2013 when we installed the swales for our 3/4th acre food forest during an earthworks workshop. The class was mostly hands on — during this class we installed over 500 feet of swales on contour. We did do some classroom time though. This presentation was on the fundamentals of food forest establishment.

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The Farm: Where We Have Come From and Our Plans For the Future

As we in the North approach the winter solstice — traditionally a time of slowing down, contemplation, and letting go of the past year — we are filled with gratitude for so much that we have been given, and only barely awakened to the new possibilities these gifts bestow. Our small non-profit educational and scientific organization, Global Village is headquartered in an ecovillage in Tennessee, The Farm, and in recent […]

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Come to Belize

Travel far south, to the back of beyond, to a remote valley accessible only by dugout canoe. Study permaculture surrounded by a lush, productive forest of edibles, medicinals and tropical hardwoods. Eat organic food, sleep in dorms powered by renewable energy, bathe in a sparkling pure river. What?: Permaculture Design Certificate Course When?: Feb 10 — 22, 2014 Where?: Maya Mountain Research Farm, San Pedro Columbia, Belize For details, or […]

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Brooklyn Grange: A Rooftop Farm in New York (video)

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Geoff Lawton at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm “That view behind me is not a painted backdrop!” said Geoff Lawton to the camera. But the view looked great from where I was standing. Brooklyn Grange is a rooftop farm with a magnificent view looking over the Manhattan skyline. Sited on a concrete roof, totaling 2.5 acres and producing over 50,000 lbs of organically-grown vegetables each year, you need to walk its […]

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Regenerate Yourself

The desire to create a permaculture paradise is deep in my bones, and has been growing in intensity every year since I began my studies of the permaculture design philosophy and methodologies a decade ago. Many of my friends share this vision – a homestead surrounded by bountiful fruit and nut trees, contented animals grazing in lush pastures, a root cellar filled with homegrown goodness, and a natural home powered […]

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The Fruit Hunters (video)

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Narrated by David Suzuki, this two-part CBC series is a fascinating look into the world of fruit hunters — people who travel the globe seeking rare fruits, to preserve their diversity, or just to enjoy. The documentary also covers some interesting background history on some of the fruits we’ve come to take for granted, and you’ll meet interesting characters worldwide who have recognised the immense value of the diversity of […]

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Cold Comfort

In which the author recounts a chilling and idiotic brush with death. by George Monbiot It was a beautiful morning, a Saturday in October, and I was having tea with my next-door neighbour. We began talking – for this was almost 20 years ago – about the road the government was intending to build around the town of Newbury, some 30 miles away. When the machinery moved in, we planned […]

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Cold Climate Permaculture Video

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A lot of people wonder if they can apply Permaculture design to their farm if they live in a cold climate. When Geoff Lawton visited Ben Falk’s farm in Vermont earlier this year, he saw the fruit of good permaculture design when applied with skillful observation. The end result is a beautiful, cold climate permaculture paradise. Ben’s farm is a wonderful place to walk through and to visit. Fish rise […]

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How Goats Built My Food Forest and Gave Me Fuel for My Rocket Stove


When Geoff Lawton told me that he had discovered a novel way to use goats to design his food forest, it seemed a most unlikely idea. In fact I was a little skeptical. Were the goats replacing the work of his interns? Did he manage to train his goats to work with axes and cut down trees? This was something I’d like to see. “No, nothing like that.” explained Geoff, […]

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Are We Using Invasive Species? (Kyrgyzstan)

The rabbit has been an invasive species all across the globe for over 2000 years, but is most commonly known as a pest in Australia. Image courtesy of J.J. Harrison (creative commons) In agriculture we often have to ask ourselves a very serious question. Are we planting invasive species? This question deals with some incredibly important scenarios. Over the past few centuries humans have unintentionally done some pretty serious damage […]

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Help This Farmer Stop Monsanto’s GM Canola

You might not have heard of Steve Marsh yet but this man could lose everything to protect your right to eat GM-free food. Who is Steve Marsh? Steve Marsh is an Australian farmer who lost his organic certification when Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) canola blew onto his farm from a neighbouring property in 2010. Since then, Steve lost most of his income and has been struggling to get his organic […]

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Philosophy and Science – Or The Gospel According to Popper

by Nancy Swanson, Ph.D. Physics, Florida State University Science and philosophy have historically been intertwined; science was developed as a discipline in an attempt to answer some basic philosophical questions. These are: How do we know that there is anything “out there” independent from our subjective experience? And What is real (or true)? The astute reader may have noticed that other disciplines have also set about answering these questions. They […]

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