Potato Planting

Tom Potato 01

What better way to get the garden in order than to re-establish beds and get them planted out. On occasion I have found that I have been weeding and mulching beds and not getting to plant them only to have to come back and re-prepare to plant. So we are focusing on just get them ready and plant immediately. Today’s focus was on two narrow beds that had a lot […]

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Compost, Gloves and Shovel

Poor soil fertility is a major limiting factor to crop yield; which is worse in the case of resource – poor farmers in developing countries. Along with the existing poor fertility, the continuous degradation of soil quality due to, the haphazard use of chemicals has made the situation worst. During the initial stages of chemical fertilizers use, they were highly accepted by the farmers as they were promised as, capable […]

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Food Forests & Crop Gardens

Food Forests & Crop Gardens

In just over a months time the Permaculture Research Institute, Australia will be hosting a Food Forest & Crop Garden course at our home, Zaytuna Farm in Northern NSW Australia. In this course, Geoff and Nadia will explain the patterns of these systems and the essential principles of “time stacking” your garden with the right mix of support species that feed and protect your fledgling trees into maturity. You will be putting this new found theory into action, planting the seeds and seeing how the system grows with example gardens at different stages of development. Zaytuna Farm is pure gold for a high rich learning environment.

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What We All Can Do Now To Make Change Happen Overnight

What We All Can Do Now To Make Change Happen Overnight 02

We can’t all transition into a self-sufficient homestead or eco-village setting overnight, but that doesn’t mean we can’t transition our entire community locally starting today. If everyone just started growing their own food, buying the rest of their food locally, saving seed, & composting all our organic waste, the world overnight would change. There are several things that would happen. We’d all save money and eat better food. Food costs […]

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Film – A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity (Premiere)

Film - A Simpler Way Crisis as Opportunity

The overlapping economic, environmental, and cultural crises of our times can seem overwhelming, can seem like challenges so great and urgent that they have no solutions. But rather than sticking our heads in the sand or falling into despair, we should respond with defiant positivity and try to turn the crises we face into opportunities for civilisational renewal. Trailer Courtesy of Happen Films Youtube Channel During the year of 2015 […]

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Policies for a Post-Growth Economy

Fully laden container ship in port

The 1972 publication of Limits to Growth sparked a controversy that has yet to subside. This book argued that if population, resource use, and pollution kept increasing on our finite planet, eventually economies would face environmental ‘limits to growth’ – with potentially dire consequences. Although evidence is mounting in support of this position (Turner, 2014; Steffan et al, 2015), any suggestion that nations might have to give up economic growth, […]

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A Basic Introduction to Zone One Garden Theory

What Isn’t Path Is Growing Food (Emma Gallagher) Feat

Recently, my wife Emma and I were asked to introduce zone one permaculture to women in about 15 or so indigenous villages around Rio Dulce, in southeastern Guatemala. Seeing as we had only a couple of weeks to get the project completed, my initial reaction was one of panic. Suddenly, the DRAs (daily recommended allowances) of these women’s families were on our shoulders, and somehow we were supposed to visit […]

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Swastikas and Permaculture, Unusual Living Arrangements, and more…

Floating solar panels

Hi, this is Geoff. Welcome to this weeks – Five. Let’s jump right in: Gangsters, Swastikas, and … Permaculture appeals to the mainstream, to the edges, and everything in between. I won’t reveal anything about this story – you have to read it yourself. Incredible. From sea to land, yet another unusual housing arrangement. Hat tip to Nick Burtner (one of my senior PDC students and Zaytuna Farm intern) for […]

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$80,000 on Half An Acre Farming Vegetables


– Profitable Mini-Farming with Curtis Stone Learn more about Profitable Urban Farming at permaculturevoices.com/theurbanfarmer Learn how small scale farming can be used to create a high-income producing farm or improve your current operation. See how profitable urban farming works as farmer Curtis Stone shows you how he assembled a multi-locational urban farm that grossed $20,000 in its first year and $55,000 in it’s second. He’ll describe the design of his […]

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Traditional Pest Control Methods

Cabbage with pests

Traditional pest control methods involve the suppression of pests and insect through the use of locally available resources in a given cultural setting. The traditional pest control methods do not utilize conventional methods such as the use of insecticides and pesticides. With slight change in the environment or habitat of a given pest, one can achieve a proven method of effective pest control. These modifications of the environment and habitat […]

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Perennial Vegetables and The Other Reasons You Should Consider Them for Your Garden

Turkish Rocket (Courtesy of Eric Toensmeier)

Luckily for me, my mother was the sort who insisted that I taste something before deciding I didn’t like it. The habit has served me well in later life. As a traveler, I’ve been able to shift my palate from one country’s cuisine to the next, enjoying whatever ingredients seem common to the local fare. As a vegan, those versatile taste buds have kept the doors open to many more […]

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Time to Plant the Garlic

tom garlic 013 - feat

Autumn Equinox has come and gone in the southern hemisphere and this is the signal to plant the garlic. We had harvested and stored our garlic from last season so it was time to sort through it all and start planting it out. We like to grow Russian garlic as it is great to use because of its size and it seems to grow well enough in our climate and […]

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