Permaculture As a Political Act


Permaculture, I believe, is not just a political act, but true to its nature, it is one in which all things center on positive output. This month I found myself deeply mired in political debates on Facebook. Shamefully, the altercations far too frequently consumed me until, ultimately, I’d reached an impasse, the typically fruitless cycle of such discussions, and had to admit both sides had only become more resolute in […]

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Vertical Farming: Feeding the Cities of the Future?


The future of urban farming is no more outdoor, but indoor and vertical. (Image source: Sky Greens) The vertical farming concept took birth in 1999, as an idea in Dr. Dickson Despommier class on medical ecology, in Columbia University. Despommier defines a vertical farm as any building, which grows food inside of it and, which is taller than a single storey. Employing closed-loop agricultural technology, all the water and nutrients […]

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The African Permaculture Movement


Young girl planting mtondo (Calophyllum inophyllum) near her home on Pemba Island, Tanzania. Photo Zach Melanson Some ideas change how we see the world, and then we change the world. I think this is the case for many people who catch the permaculture bug. I have a lot of hope for permaculture. I hope to see the movement continue to grow and mature because I think the basic premise that […]

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Human Permaculture: Some ideas on how to ‘Seed’ Information for Fertile Results


Seeds and Stories In my previous article, ‘Human Permaculture: Looking at Migration as Flow to Solve Problems’ (1), I explored how we can apply permaculture water-designs to help people who are ‘flowing’ from one place along particular pathways to reach the destinations suitable for them in a way which can benefit those arriving and those already there. Applying such principles will need a concerted effort of communication among all those […]

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The Seed Economy


The original economy was the Seed Economy. It’s why we eat & farm the way we do. It’s the reason we want to believe in infinite growth. Once upon a time… humans started collecting seeds. They were our first currencies, but as with all seeds, they increase exponentially, so at a certain point the market became so abundant that it altered our diets & our way of life. We began […]

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Listen to your Vegetables – They want Dirt Bottle Irrigation


If you only had access to water once a day and had to suck it out of the soil before it evaporated or soaked away, then you might be interested in thinking again about how gardens might be watered. It is common for gardeners to invert bottles of water and stick them in the dirt to help keep water up to the plants. What we have done is work out […]

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Facts that Expound more on what Constitutes of Bamboo

featIMG_8071Ingrid Pullen Photography

Photo: Bambusa vulgaris at the PRI Zaytuna Farm Bamboo Bamboo is a resource that over the ages was not tapped. It has been viewed as an ornamental plant in the gardens and at times, in art and its economic potential not fully exploited. Bamboo is ‘the new timber’, and now people are embracing it. For the most part, it is embraced for its economic importance and benefits over timber, and […]

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Geoff Lawton and Dave Spicer talk Confidence with Big Projects


In this on camera chat, the PRI’s World renowned Geoff Lawton catches up with Dave Spicer, whom he first met at the original Tagari farm. Dave Spicer has joined Geoff on a number of big projects alreay, one of which was the original Greening the Desert site in Jordan. Geoff Lawton is a world renowned Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. He first took his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course in […]

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Going Beyond Permaculture

10686989_10152771488391410_1414381299356237954_n site is expanding to a Do It Yourself Food and Health Hub. We were told several times that what we do here goes “beyond permaculture” and that we do not market what we do well enough. We have attempted to achieve that with this new “hub” of websites. To give you an idea of what we offer here, I will try to encapsulate it in this article. Some things […]

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As without, so within


As above, so below… Ancient wisdom has never been more correct than today. Rather than looking at it from a spiritual perspective, this article will look at it from a physical and environmental perspective. Since the industrial revolution began, mankind have had an enormous impact on the environment, more than ever before. As we increasingly hurt the environment, we are increasingly hurting ourselves. Over the last few decades, as use […]

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Piecing Together a Guild of Your Own

Panorama Courtesy of hardworkinghippy

Photo: Panorama (Courtesy of hardworkinghippy) In the scheme of permaculture food production, harnessing the most out of nature whilst using its own attributes, creating plant guilds ranks pretty high up there. Most of us know them in simplified forms such as the three sisters—corn, beans and squash—or companion plantings like carrots and onions or tomatoes and basil. While these combinations are great things to be familiar with, the larger lesson […]

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Charting The Sun’s Motion In Relation To Your Home And Permaculture Site


Image source: Understanding the sun’s motion relative to a site is an important aspect of a good permaculture design, as various elements like plants, animals and solar devices depend on sun for their functionality. A good appreciation of the earth’s rotation about its axis, its revolution around the sun and the consequences of these motions on the sun’s position and availability at a given location on the earth’s surface, […]

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