Social Networking sites are an integral part of internet life today. Through these, individuals the world over share their interests, knowledge and news – the most interesting and/or useful and/or inspirational items attracting the attention of, potentially, millions of viewers.

Permaculturists can leverage the power of these networks to share information, and to promote permaculture itself.

Here are some things you can do to help promote permaculture, and in doing so, help build a safer, more sane world where you and your children may have some hope of living a viable, peaceful life.

Submit PRI blog posts to social networking sites

Most social networking sites can be joined in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve signed up, you’re then able to promote or demote material submitted by other users, and you can submit and promote articles you’ve found that you appreciate.

Some of the most popular social networking sites include:

There are many more – see the icons at the bottom of all our posts to see some of the more popular ones.

Stumbleupon is arguably the best (in my opinion). Unlike the others, where you go to their site to find articles and news of interest, with Stumbleupon you instead download a browser toolbar plugin, which, after installing, you end up with a ‘stumble’ button on your toolbar which, when clicked, takes you to random articles and web pages that have been recommended by other stumblers (presenting only those that fit the categories of interest that you selected at signup). You can ‘browse’ dozens of interesting pages by simply clicking this single button, and promoting or demoting is done by simply upthumbing or downthumbing via other toolbar buttons.

Things you should know – algorithms

Many of these sites, including some of those mentioned above, incorporate clever algorithms that add to or subtract from the weight of your submission and/or promotion (upthumb). If you incessantly submit or promote articles from only one site, the value of your submission/promotion is dramatically weighted down. Indeed, your upvote can thus become less than helpful. These sites want to see you promoting articles from a wider range of sources, so as to eliminate ‘spam’ submissions and biased promotions. This is where your involvement in promoting articles you like on this, and other sites, has enormous value.

Help us share a vision

With the likely exception of hands-on work in your own garden, as an educational tool the internet is without parallel. We have thousands of readers on our site daily. If just a small percentage of these were to submit and promote the best articles then these would get brought to the attention of the many others out there who need to be made aware of where we’re heading in history, and discover the simple solutions to the problems we face.

We at the PRI encourage you to help support our work by signing up to the sites above, and any others you feel inclined to join up to – and then getting your mouse working to help drive permaculture into the mainstream.

Social networking icons are conveniently placed at the bottom of every post on our site – feel free to use these to submit articles you’d like to see others reading/watching/sharing.

Thank you for your support!