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  1. sammyjopeters
    I'm back after a huge hiatus! I'll have to post some sort of update soon.
  2. Erika Acevedo
    Erika Acevedo
    PDC in Santa Marta - Colombia, February 2017. My lecturers were Beatríz Ramirez and Tierra Martinez
  3. Stillwagon
    In search of collaboration of work in sustainable industry practices.
  4. Theo Herbots
    Theo Herbots ChrissyStar
    I have already seen many documentaries about Australia and I have a friend who comes from Australia and that tells a lot about it.
    I dream of ever to visit the country.
    It must be wonderful to be able to do it to Permaculture.
  5. Theo Herbots
    Theo Herbots
    I believe that Permaculture can change the world
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  6. Somerzby
    Enjoying everyday...
  7. Ian
    Grapes are just about ripe, pumpkin is out of control and all is good
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  8. ahmed hassan
  9. Ian
    The hardest thing about growing a garden here is the 'not WA' notice on anything useful
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  10. Paul Ringo
    Paul Ringo
    Planting fruit trees left and right. Need help stopping erosion. Getting ready to start fertilizing.
  11. Kevin Smith II
    Kevin Smith II
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  12. missf
    Come on visit and get involved
  13. missf
  14. Ian
  15. Emmy Jenkins
    Emmy Jenkins
    I am looking to embark in social permaculture and would love any help with direction in this!
  16. Jareth Zelmer
    Jareth Zelmer
    Looking to LEARN!!!
  17. Purslane
    Purslane pavelbentham
    Hi Pavel, are you still looking for land? We live in Dimboola, Western Victoria. I am trying to attract Permies this way so I would love to help you out to find something if you are still looking. We don't have anything that size, only a 1/3 acre in town, but I would be happy to talk to real estate agents for you and discuss your vendor terms position. Regards, Ilse
  18. Diane Emerson
    Diane Emerson
    Happily practicing and promoting permaculture methods and principles on 3 1/2 acres on Vashon Island, Washington
  19. Doryu
    Dig Deep
  20. Pogust
    Pogust Erich Sysak
    Hi Erich,
    I'm Swedish that spent latest 15 winters in Thailand, mostly Udon Thani. Now we bought 7 rai near Rayong and plan to move permanently within some years. Plan to make a small food forest on the land. Would be nice to meet and see what you have done. We are going up to Udon week before Christmas and staying a couple of weeks with family.
    P-O Gustafsson
    [email protected]
    Thai mobile 098 1644 588
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