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different types of vine fruits

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  • different types of vine fruits

    hello - at the moment we are collecting up abundant passion fruits from our vines.
    In the place where I am staying the garden doesnt really have room for more fruit trees as there are already bananas, papaya and coconut.
    Was thinking if I could put in some more vine fruits to grow up trees but cant think what - does anyone grow any other fruit vines other than passion fruit that they like - suitable for fairly hot climate.

    thank you!

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    vines for the tropics (or at least where coconuts grow)

    Lilikoi (Passiflora alata) best to have at least 2 seedlings for pollination, Giant granadilla ( P.quadrangularis).

    Cucurbits- Pumpkin, ash melon, snake gourd, karella/bitter melon, cucumber, tindola (Coccinia grandis), melons, choko, lauki, luffa.

    climbing beans, winged bean (edible pods and roots) Yams, black pepper, betel pepper, cubeb and long pepper, vanilla., Malabar spinach (Basella sp.)

    that's all I can think of for now...

    past my bedtime


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      Gourds... There are some edible ones as well.


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        Choko- half this forum discusses this wondrous vine!
        There are sub tropical grapes Daley's will have them
        Also the ornamental grape is pretty hardy and the leaves have a lovely lemon tang that makes them the best for dolmardies (sp? Greek)
        Blackberries- lot of hybrids of these about.
        Nasturtium (climbing ones)
        Piper Negrum “Black Pepper”
        Monstera deliciosa
        Mysore Raspberry (Black Raspberry)
        There are many varieties of passionfruit.
        There is a climbing fruiting cactus ?“Dragon Fruit”
        Is there a climbing cucumber?

        Have you checked local gardens and nurseries?

        There are some medicinals -akebia? Ipomenas, honeysuckle
        We may have had a thread on this before?
        Of course all the beans and peas

        This link might help
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          I guess you could try Grapes and Kiwi fruit (Chinese Gooseberry).
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            thank you for all the replies. I was more thinking about fruits than vegetables at the moment to get more fruit variety in my diet although eventually I'd like to grow all the mentioned things....
            The giant granadilla sounds promising and when i was looking it up I also came across something called a cassabanana - has anyone any experience with that?
            I thought that grapes needed a cold winter to grow well - is it possible to grow them in tropical areas? And what about kiwi fruits? I had imagined they were cool weather fruits but dont know much about there growing needs...