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  • egyptian spinach

    just wondering if anyone has grown Egyptian Spinach. I am after growing details. I have successfully grown over summer, but wondering what to do with it now... will it continue to grow over winter or should I pull it out and harvest now? Also are the seed pods edible? We live in Bundaberg so are sub-tropical. Thanks for any advice,

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    mine died off last year but it is easy to grow from seed so I would let the seed pods turn brown before harvesting .
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      'Molokhiya' or 'molokhia' refers to the name of the plant/vegetable and to the dish that is cooked useing the leaves.

      there are lots of variations of the recipe, but usually with chicken and molokhia, though there are vegan variations if you prefer.

      search for the recipe that suits , or get a feel for it by comparing recipes and make up your own.

      here's one example.


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        If the plants have pods, they'll be too tough and fibrous.
        This plant is a source of Jute fibre for hessian, ropes and rugs etc.
        - C.capsularis is grown in areas prone to flooding eg. Bangladesh.
        get seeds and start a 1/4- 1sq.metre patch of it grow quick and harvest tender lush shoots for cooking