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eggplant as a perennial?

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  • eggplant as a perennial?

    I live in coastal victoria and do not experience frosts. in my readings i found reference to eggplants as being treated as a perennial in frost-free areas. i haven't met anyone yet who doesn't pull them out and start again. i'd like to know if i should pull mine out or leave them in. they were very late to take off, due to my incompetence, so three of them never got a chance to fruit in our unusually mild february, and three of them gave us some very tasty fruit after stinking weather in late march and some new fruit this week. they are the listade de grandia variety and about 90 cm high and 70 cm wide. thanks, kat

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    Re: eggplant as a perennial?

    Eggplants ARE perennial, although rather delicate, and not long-lived.

    You might try keeping a few and see how they do in your area. With plants of this family (including tomatoes, peppers, etc), you don't actually need freezing temperatures to kill them, just low temperatures will do the job. But how low, I don't know.

    It would be an interesting experiment.



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      Re: eggplant as a perennial?

      we've got a three year old mini red eggplant that keeps on keeping on
      and a "normal" black one that's two years old - had one last three seasons but died recently

      we're on the sunshine coast - where even the pumpkins are perennial
      The universe is my eyes and ears, all else is hearsay.


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        Re: eggplant as a perennial?

        well, Sue, my veggie patch is nothing if not an interesting experiment :lol: .it only started a little less than a year ago.

        if nothing else, the eggplants would make a pretty plant in the patch over winter.
        partly i was wondering about didease if this type of plant stays in over a period of a couple of years. mind you,
        if i had taken them out at the end of the hot weather, i wouldn't have gotten my surprise fruit last week.

        i have a friend nearby who flatly refuses to adhere to common planting time wisdom and just sows seeds or plants when the mood strikes, with some interesting successes amongst the failures.

        we live not too far from diggers, so at the very least i can pop in and check how their veggies are going compared to mine at any given time (a heartily depressing exercise in january, and plumply satisfying in late march).
        regards, kat


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          Re: eggplant as a perennial?

          found the answer to my question. they ended up developing a mould. pulled them up today, 1st day of winter, and still got another 2.5 kilos of fruit,