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hulling/husking seeds

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  • hulling/husking seeds

    I am wondering how to husk sunflower and pumpkin seeds to store for eating. It's one thing to do it by hand for a snack in the garden but on any sort of scale for the home there must be an easier way. I plant plenty of both each year and the chooks do ok but it's the families turn. What do others do?
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    I have only ever tried to hull sunflower seeds.

    First I roasted them in the oven at about 100c for about 3/4 hour. [My oven is not very good so it could have been anything from 85c -120c].

    I then put a thin layer on the bench and put a wooden breadboard on top and using a rolling pin I rolled them. Initial attempts at rolling direct or under paper faild. Any that were small and not split I seperated out and rolled later. One batch were not toasted/dry enough and tended to squash - back into the oven for them.

    The seeds were then put in a bucket and stirred with a wooden stick to knock the hulls off as many as I could.

    I seperated the hulls and seeds on a fly screen angled at about 45Degrees in front of a fan. I sorta helped out by pushing the seeds around. Any empty hulls were blown to the top and clean seed finished up at the bottom. A paint brush is really handy during this process.

    The final product was good with about 10% broken seed. I finished up with 2 large tomato paste jars full and a couple of buckets of hulls, unbroken seeds & a mess on the lawn. This was all produced from about 12 or so mid-sized heads.

    Mostly I grew sunflowers as an interest plant for the kids, rabbits and chooks..



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      The best idea for pumpkin seeds to to grow "naked seed" pumpkins. We can get these in NZ from King's seeds ( You can order from their website in case you can't get them locally.