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Installing a wood stove with hot water jacket and radiators

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  • Installing a wood stove with hot water jacket and radiators

    Does anyone have any experience in DIY for this? Once you've bought the stove with the hot water jacket, is it an expensive operation to connect it to an existing electric hot water heater, and to buy a few radiators and run the piping to them?

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    No, in simple terms it is just copper pipe work. I don't know if you can get radiators over here but if you have a look at UK forums, you will get more than enough info. What you will need is a circulating pump that will be thermostat controlled so when your fire heats up to a set temp, the pump will then start running and sending the heat to the radiators. Hope this helps.
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      Just to add to the last post, the ultimate system you are thinking of is in a video, this will explain everything. The next process is cost of materials and your labour..
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        To connect a wood stove to a HWSystem the storage tank must be higher than the stove , hot water rises up the slope and is replaced by cold , so water will "self circulate" . Be aware that your system will boil easilly so needs to be vented properly to be safe and also there is a danger of scolding hot water and steam in the pipes , i would have a seperate tank that can boil all it likes and use that tank to supply hot water to your existing electric heated tank as water is used from it (hope that makes sense) the electric unit will use no power as the supply water is already hot , this would buffer any chance of scolding .
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          I have a Tedson heat exchanger hooked up to my wood stove and solar hot water this way you can have 'mains pessure'n the hot and cold lines. Works well - finding a plumber to do what I wanted was the hardest part. Have considered radiators but have been told you need a fairly large pump to circulate the water. Info on the Tedson set up here -


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            Another useful related thread, hot water jacket, etc

            This is a rather belated post but for others investigating this area, here is a link to an excellent thread with a bit more information around connecting a wood fire to hot water systems:

            I just visited a someone today who had a hot water jacket fitted to his wood fire flue and he said that it worked well and was much better that the wet back system he had in his previous wood fire which had a coil within the fire box. So if anyone wants to find out where you can get such a hot water jacket to fit to the flue of an existing or new wood heater, here is the link:




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              you'd better find some professional ones to help you with it/ good luck