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mini wormfarm made from recycled materials

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  • mini wormfarm made from recycled materials

    at last i can contribute something!here's the story:

    yesterday i cracked open a compost to see what was happening and use it to raise up a new bed, it wasn't really composting (newbie composter i guess :oops: way too much grass not enough dry stuff) but it was breeding worms!

    so i wasnt going to put all these worms on the bed, ive wanted a worm farm for a while but never wanted or could afford to 1. pay for it, 2. pay for the worms to put in it, so i went to my junk filled shed and looked around, there was a few options, but i went with the most budget/easiest one (in my mind).

    this 4litre water container already has a tap on it, i dont expect much worm juice but maybe it will be blessed and i will get heaps, you can click the pictures to be redirected to the full size image, or right click and select open in new window.

    i know i should've rotated that pic before i uploaded it :oops:

    i cut open the top at the back as you can see, slicing my hand open as well :rolleyes: then in the bottom end i put some stones from the yard:

    then i put in a bit of shadecloth i had in the shed also:

    then i went back to the compost and put some handfuls into the worms new home:

    then i followed up with some fresh kitchen garden scraps, being a mango peel, a tea bag and some lettuce i ripped up, there was also a banana peel in there from the compost:

    then i closed it and put it in the shade on an angle:

    later on i found the late afternoon sun gets pretty close there so i put it in the shed, added some water and wrapped a rag jumper around it for added darkness/insulation

    now i need advice, critique and information, from the experienced people please, i think there is at least 40 worms in there including small (young) worms, how much food should i put in there, are mango peels ok? banana peels? ive heard citrus is no good, anything else i should avoid or be sure to do?

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    Re: mini wormfarm made from recycled materials

    That looks like a great solution. There is a slight difference between regular garden worms and compost worms in that the former burrow well and compost worms are excellent at breaking down compost. Keep an eye on your worms in case they don't do so well, in which case you may need to buy a bag of compost worms. Like composting, anything that was once living can go into your worm farm. Worms like fruit and vegetables, tea leaves/bags, human and animal hair, newspaper, dead flowers, coffee grounds, and even animal manure (although not chicken). They don't like garden clippings and shouldn't be given meat, seafood or dairy. I have heard that citrus and onions are not so ideal, but between my bokashi compost, the dog, the rabbit and the worm farm all our organic scraps disappear. Smaller pieces of stuff will be broken down more quickly. I add peat moss sometimes if it is looking too 'solid'. You don't want an anaerobic situation. I keep my worm farm damp and lay a hessian bag over the scraps inside the container.