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Jetmatic Deep Well Pumps?

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  • Jetmatic Deep Well Pumps?

    Does anyone know anything about Jetmatic pumps?

    I work with a fellow from the Philipines who has been telling me about a hand-operated well pump that requires no electricity whatsoever, and it will bring up water from 500 ft/ 170m deep.

    I've been googling it for hours, and have found lots of references to the use of them, but only in the Philipines, and I can't find a source.

    Is the jetmatic a type of pump, or is it a brand? If it's a brand, what type of pump is it?

    If anyone knows about these pumps, I would certainly appreciate some info or websites on them. I am in the U.S.


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    Sue, nice to see you as we draw down on another year...

    I have no idea, but I use pumps and install pumps, and sell pumps, and I would love to hear about this, too.

    Happy New Year (in one more day!).



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      Hi, Sue! Happy New Year!

      I couldn't find jetmatic sold anywhere, but it is most likely a deep well hand water pump:

      I searched on hand water pump and got this brand:

      Here's another one: on sale!

      Here's some info in general about hand and foot pumps: ... _FINAL.pdf

      at the end of the article there's more links.

      Is your well really deep? Maybe this will help.
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        Thanks for the sites!

        All the wells around here are over 100 ft deep.

        This question came up because we recently had a massive windstorm that knocked out power to most of the state for up to a week. Every generator that was available was snatched up immediately. People with livestock were having to find an "island" with power, and fill barrels to get their stock watered.



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          I have heard of a pump for bores or wells that are pneumatic. They use air from a compressor to force water from deep wells. The compressor uses an electric motor so it does not resolve your problem with electricity.


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            Plumtrees post reminded me of the Bojon Windmill, that used air pressure to pump water... as I recall it reached fantasticly deep depths... It also turned at low wind speeds, and had an option to hook it up to generate electricity, too...


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              Thats a 'Bowjon windmill' if you are going to google it. Looks like an answer for SueWA.