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Hamilton - Anyone giving away sheep, goats, rabbits, geese for a hobby farm start.

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  • Hamilton - Anyone giving away sheep, goats, rabbits, geese for a hobby farm start.

    Hi all,
    Would there be anybody will to giving away a sheep, goat, rabbit, geese mice, fish ect for a hobby farm start.

    I've 1.2 acres and a minture pony that i am baby sitting and baby sitting six chooks (one being rooster) and want something to keep the horse company and help her get the grass down.

    The place is friendly as the horse walks into the shed each day to get a pat (this is where i sleep btw) and the chocks come in as we're hand raised.

    Any animal given will be well cared for as pets. Well fenced etc and have a really good life. I aim to make this 1.2 acres a permaculture pet farm for ppl to come stay and visit the pets animals etc.

    Obviously you can buy lots of things but when you have invested every cent yourself in what I'm doing and nothing on myself for four years and still have a driving passion to get things moving I've even asked for give aways now as I'm tiring getting the lawn mowed all the time as well and it gets out of hand quickly down here and really just want to soles around the place.

    I could possibly offer u a batter in return and or pick up. I have a heap of F&P washing machine motors that make a great windmill for free electricity. Um i could set you up with a web site blog at just domain reg cost the only expense. Not sure what else or maybe you just can help with a pet for me.

    Also interested in all sorts of veggie seeds particularly that can go into a starting very first Aquaponic set up that i can't wait to get going.

    If your nearby to Hamilton, Victoria, Australia then give us a shout!!