Gerald Celente on 2011 – Internet Revolution and Lawn Liberation

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A reader of my recent ‘crystal ball‘ post supplied the following video via comment. I thought I’d put it up front and centre, as it’ll likely get missed by most otherwise, and Gerald Celente‘s thoughts are quite interesting, as we embark on another year’s journey in an increasingly interesting life. Most of us are realistic… Read more »

Glancing at the Crystal Ball – What Do You See?

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As the new year turned over, I noticed a few websites running article series where correspondents made their predictions about what they anticipate being hot news topics over 2011. Although a few deteriorated into meaningless waffle over who’ll be top of the pops, or who’s going to light up the silver screen this year, there… Read more »

Making Democracy Work

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Editor’s note: This is what I like to see, and hope others will emulate: concrete action to bring about organised, localised change. Some subscribe to free market magical thinking — that self-interest combined with market mechanisms will somehow automatically harmonise our social, and even environmental problems. But, permaculture is not about blind hope and trust… Read more »

Closing the ‘Collapse Gap': the USSR was Better Prepared for Collapse than the US

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by Dmitry Orlov Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am not an expert or a scholar or an activist. I am more of an eye-witness. I watched the Soviet Union collapse, and I have tried to put my observations into a concise message. I will leave it up to you to decide just how urgent… Read more »

An Agriculture that Stands a Chance: Perennial Polyculture & the Hard Limits of Post-Carbon Farming

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More and more articles are being written that continue to hit the proverbial "nail on the head". This one was posted to the Energy Bulletin website a couple of days ago. It does a great job of summarizing the problems with annual monoculture-based food systems and the advantages of those which are perennial polyculture-based. The… Read more »

Post-Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century

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by Dmitry Orlov A decade and a half ago the world went from bipolar to unipolar, because one of the poles fell apart: The S.U. is no more. The other pole – symmetrically named the U.S. – has not fallen apart – yet, but there are ominous rumblings on the horizon. The collapse of the… Read more »

Sustainable Agriculture and the Green Energy Economy

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I have recently been focusing on the work and contributions of Dr. Mae Wan Ho and the Institute of Science in Society, UK . Here is a paper she presented at Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland 24-25 March 2010 entitled "Sustainable Agriculture and the Green Economy" (PDF). The importance of agriculture within the context… Read more »

Mae-Wan Ho: Big Picture Interview and Closed Loop Agriculture

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Mae-Wan Ho, geneticist and biophysicist and author of more than a dozen books, including the ground-breaking Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare?, talks about the big picture elements of reductionist science and mechanistic and competitive approaches that have given birth to genetic engineering and have shaped the world we know; bringing us into conflict with ecosystems… Read more »