Ted Trainer and the Simpler Way

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Editor’s Note: To follow, I think, is a very important look at Ted Trainer’s work — one that broaches an oft-avoided but critically essential conversation. I must confess to only having read a single article from Ted Trainer previously, which I posted here, but from that article, and the document below, I sense that similar… Read more »

APC11 Presentation: Susan Krumdieck – Sustainable Transport and Urban Design

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Susan Krumdieck, speaking at the Australasian Permaculture Conference (APC11) in Turangi, New Zealand, April 2012 Photo © Craig Mackintosh Susan Krumdieck is an Associate Professor working in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. Originally gaining her PhD in the U.S.A., her home country, Susan decided to relocate to… Read more »

Global Oil Risks in the Early 21st Century

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by Dean Fantazzini, Moscow School of Economics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia Abstract: The Deepwater Horizon incident demonstrated that most of the oil left is deep offshore or in other locations difficult to reach. Moreover, to obtain the oil remaining in currently producing reservoirs requires additional equipment and technology that comes at a higher price… Read more »

Pietro Zucchetti Interviews Rob Hopkins

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This is an interview with Rob Hopkins, the founder of the Transition Town movement founded in Totnes, United Kingdom. The interview is about what Transition Towns mean, and how he came up with this idea as a permaculture teacher. The interview also covers how is this concept important now, during the present global crisis, and… Read more »

Suburban Permaculture with Janet Barocco and Richard Heinberg

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Richard Heinberg not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk, as we get to see in the video at bottom. Peak Moment host, Janaia Donaldson, visits Heinberg and his partner Janet Barocco in their own venture in sustainable living in suburban Santa Rosa, California. When they bought the place in 2001 it was… Read more »

Sail Power Reborn – Transporting Local Goods by Boat

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Peak Moment host Janaia Donaldson joins Fulvio Casali, Kathy Pelish and Alex Tokar, co-founders of the Salish Sea Trading Cooperative, on the deck of the sailboat Soliton, docked in Ballard, near Seattle, Washington. The Salish Sea Trading Cooperative have teamed up with Nash’s organic produce in Sequim, where twice a month they arrive by sailboat,… Read more »

There’s No Tomorrow (Video)

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This video is hands down the best I’ve seen yet at covering all the bases of our present converging dilemmas in one quick (35 minute) hit. Over the years I’ve presented all of the issues covered in this video — hitting them from various angles and in different ways to try to drive the point… Read more »