Sustainable Tropical Agriculture Systems in Southern Belize

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by Albert Bates Getting to the Maya Mountain Research Farm in southern Belize is its own wild side adventure. You can fly or bus to Punta Gorda Town on the coast and then bus or taxi up to San Pedro Columbia, a little village in the highlands of the Maya Mountains that is a jumping… Read more »


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Click for full view Courtesy: Marc Roberts Reports from BP and Exxon-Mobil predict ongoing and massive increases in CO2 levels due to energy consumption…. whilst the consequences thereof threaten belt-tightening worldwide.

2010 Hits Top of Temperature Chart

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by Alexandra Giese, Earth Policy Institute Topping off the warmest decade in history, 2010 experienced a global average temperature of 14.63 degrees Celsius (58.3 degrees Fahrenheit), tying 2005 as the hottest year in 131 years of recordkeeping. This news will come as no surprise to residents of the 19 countries that experienced record heat in… Read more »

Respecting Ourselves, Part III: Needs Met Ineffectively or at Great Cost

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Editor’s Note: This is Part III of a three-part series. If you haven’t already, please read Part I and Part II before continuing. Those of us who live in the ‘developed world’ frequently see their higher needs compromised. But, unlike much of the world’s population, we rarely find ourselves destitute of our most basic requirements,… Read more »