The Need for Sustainable Agriculture – It’s So Obvious and Inevitable That Even The UN Has To Admit It

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Editor’s Note: Quite some time ago, I shared the big 400-scientist-strong IAASTD worldwide study that concluded that small scale, localised, ecological agriculture was an imperative we cannot afford to ignore any more. The post was titled The Food Crisis: “A Perfect Storm” – and How to Turn the Tide. If you missed it, do check… Read more »

Climate Belief Forensics II

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Editor’s Note: This is part II of a series. If you haven’t already, read Part I first. Considering the Latin root of the word, "forensics" is about bringing something before the forum the public perhaps should know about. And certainly, exploring the question where influential beliefs about the climate come from seems quite relevant. These… Read more »

Sustainable Tropical Agriculture Systems in Southern Belize

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by Albert Bates Getting to the Maya Mountain Research Farm in southern Belize is its own wild side adventure. You can fly or bus to Punta Gorda Town on the coast and then bus or taxi up to San Pedro Columbia, a little village in the highlands of the Maya Mountains that is a jumping… Read more »