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Did you miss Geoffs’ Latest Top Five – This One Was A Doozy

Did you miss Geoffs' Latest Top Five - This One Was A Doozy feat

Highlights include: • “Magic tricks” that can make water disappear…and appear. • Bill Mollison’s surprising perspective on how to measure gardening success. Hint: It’s not just about output. • My good friend Jack Spirko’s first-ever listener-voted podcast. • An incredible long-form article on solastalgia, a “form of psychic or existential distress caused by environmental change.” • An electric bike coming out of Silicon Valley that uses the same batteries as […]

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What We All Can Do Now To Make Change Happen Overnight

What We All Can Do Now To Make Change Happen Overnight 02

We can’t all transition into a self-sufficient homestead or eco-village setting overnight, but that doesn’t mean we can’t transition our entire community locally starting today. If everyone just started growing their own food, buying the rest of their food locally, saving seed, & composting all our organic waste, the world overnight would change. There are several things that would happen. We’d all save money and eat better food. Food costs […]

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Film – A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity (Premiere)

Film - A Simpler Way Crisis as Opportunity

The overlapping economic, environmental, and cultural crises of our times can seem overwhelming, can seem like challenges so great and urgent that they have no solutions. But rather than sticking our heads in the sand or falling into despair, we should respond with defiant positivity and try to turn the crises we face into opportunities for civilisational renewal. Trailer Courtesy of Happen Films Youtube Channel During the year of 2015 […]

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Policies for a Post-Growth Economy

Fully laden container ship in port

The 1972 publication of Limits to Growth sparked a controversy that has yet to subside. This book argued that if population, resource use, and pollution kept increasing on our finite planet, eventually economies would face environmental ‘limits to growth’ – with potentially dire consequences. Although evidence is mounting in support of this position (Turner, 2014; Steffan et al, 2015), any suggestion that nations might have to give up economic growth, […]

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A Basic Introduction to Zone One Garden Theory

What Isn’t Path Is Growing Food (Emma Gallagher) Feat

Recently, my wife Emma and I were asked to introduce zone one permaculture to women in about 15 or so indigenous villages around Rio Dulce, in southeastern Guatemala. Seeing as we had only a couple of weeks to get the project completed, my initial reaction was one of panic. Suddenly, the DRAs (daily recommended allowances) of these women’s families were on our shoulders, and somehow we were supposed to visit […]

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Mental Farming 2: Tuning Into Your Environment


In my previous article, Mental Farming – Ideas for Improving Education Approaches (1) I examined a few ways in which children’s education and permaculture are linked. Some of these are surprising, such as the Immersion English camp organised by the Spanish government during which the children are exposed to an organic garden and learn about different tree types, seemingly almost as a kind of side effect from the main aim […]

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Premier Launches Program to Give SA The ‘Green Edge’ In Education


South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has launched (on March 4) a program offering world leadership in environmental education. CQUniversity’s Adelaide-based Graduate Certificate in Permaculture Design has a world-leading faculty, a cutting-edge digital presence and is the first permaculture program to be accredited by an internationally recognised university. CQUni Associate Vice-Chancellor (Adelaide) Professor Drew Dawson says a new breed of Permaculture Design specialists will help foster sustainability in South A and […]

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How to Turn a Piece of Land Into a Thriving Project?

how to turn a piece of land feat

Three years ago this month a client asked me to help him transform his land into an eco-tourism project and self-sufficient home. The land is located in fascinating Turkey, overlooking the Marmara Sea. In this article, I share the highlights of the process and outcomes of two months of intensive work applying Permaculture design in a beautiful but challenging spot. I summarise the birth and first steps of Alişler Yurdu, […]

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Voluntary Frugality

Voluntary Frugality

This time, I’ve moved beyond dipping in here and there and really started to read David Holmgren’s Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability, a book that goes in depth into realms of permaculture that I’ve not fully explored in my time involved with the movement. And, while I’m not yet through the book, I’ve recently been struck by a bit of terminology he’s used to describe one of his own […]

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Summer PDC with Richard Perkins at PRI Tap o’ Noth, Scotland


This summer sees our second Permaculture Design Course taking place at the PRI Master Plan site, Tap o’ Noth Permaculture, in beautiful Aberdeenshire, north- eastern Scotland. The residential course runs from 17th June until 1st July. Our inaugural PDC in 2015 was a truly international event. Course participants joined us from USA, Denmark, Canada and Zimbabwe as well as across the UK. Spending two weeks together beginning their Permaculture journey, […]

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How to get your Permaculture Project Funded

How to get your Permaculture Project Funded01

The biggest hurdle with setting up a self-reliant property is the upfront cost. Most of us would love to be completely self-sufficient and a job or business that you go to work for play money right? When you look at the costs of setting up a property, the upfront investment is huge. The land, structures, energy systems, tanks, dams, food systems, equipment the list goes on and on. And then […]

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If That’s Not Permaculture, What Is?

Keyhole Hugelkultur - feat

I call myself a permaculturalist, a word that still doesn’t officially register as valid on my spell check. I read about permaculture daily, and I write about it weekly. I’ve been asked hundreds of times by strangers, friends, and family to define permaculture, and to varying degrees, I’ve done so with practiced proficiency. I often find myself listening to permaculture podcasts, enthused by unusual topics—how to grow mushrooms in the […]

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