Peaking Early

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Click for full view Courtesy: Throbgoblins With oil running out, and biofuels not being the answer, perhaps humans should grow and trade their food closer to home. Perhaps we suffer from collectively traumatised amygdalas.

Democracy for Sale by the Corporate Citizen

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Should corporations have the same rights as individuals? Should corporations, many of which have a greater turnover than entire countries, be free to finance the politicians they favour – in direct competition against little ‘ol you and me? Well, the Supreme Court of the United States thinks so, and has ruled this into law. This… Read more »

Frank’s Shovel, and Day 8 at Copenhagen Update

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Editor’s Note: This is a repost from Marc Roberts at Throbgoblins. Be sure to comment and encourage our Frank in his permaculture ambitions. We’d certainly love to see him taking regular breaks from his passionate activist endeavours to recharge in nature and build some resiliency for himself against these troubled times. (But please, please, no… Read more »

Tigger Does Mullumbimby Community Gardens

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Regular readers will have noted a couple of posts – here and here – covering the new and developing Mullumbimby Community Gardens project underway not so far from Zaytuna Farm (about half an hour east, if travelling by car, or a day’s ride on horseback). Readers of those posts will have seen the panoramas I… Read more »

Active Listening

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Click for full view Courtesy: Throbgoblins I’d be very interested in hearing what coping mechanisms readers have developed for dealing with “climate trauma.” The knowledge that humanity is headed pell-mell toward self-destruction is tough to deal with.  I am fortunate that I get to vent blog full time on this subject, though that doesn’t free… Read more »

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures?

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I just read how certain scientists are now describing geo-engineering options as ‘feasible‘. Sigh. As it has become increasingly obvious that society as we know it just cannot continue – the gospel of consumption message politicians and economists have been preaching over the last fifty years having outright misled us and painted us into a… Read more »