A Design for Life

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Click for larger view Courtesy: Marc Roberts If I wasn’t so used to such oxymoronic statements, I’d have already fallen off my chair after reading the below quote — in either hysterical laughter, or hysterical despair. I am pleased to stand before you this morning and confirm that Europe is closer to resolving its financial… Read more »

Crashing Wall Street

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Click for larger view Courtesy: Marc Roberts What with the ongoing occupation of New York’s financial district, and City traders coming out from under their gilded rocks in full candour (see below) — Frank thought it about time to break out the D-locks and superglue again.

How Not to Milk a Cow

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by Frank Gapinski Sometimes things don’t go according to plan…. This is an Elisabeth Fekonia blooper from her excellent DVD on Home Cheese-Making and All Things Dairy. Used with permission from Elisabeth.

Thought for the Day – Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

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I think the irony to be found in the following quote will likely have been completely unnoticed by its author: Australia’s economy is heavily reliant on exporting its natural resources. — BBC It’s a statement nestled near the beginning of the article. The alarming thing is that we can be so fundamentally confused about our… Read more »