Ms Poubelle Provocateur – Glamour Goddess of Landfill (UK)

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This is Ms Poubelle Provocateur, the erotic disgrace of the human race. The glamour Goddess of Landfill. A psychedelic fragment of my alter ego. Sauntering, sexy, inviting, sassy, trashy, eternal ethereal pin-up, made of abandoned pieces and elements. She is my one woman waste protest, unified with the essence of rubbish, displaying the nightmare we… Read more »

The Great Strawberry Heist

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The thieves watched and observed from a safe distance, noting my movements 24/7, 365 days a year. They struck hard when opportunity presented itself and then disappeared, leaving only a trail of destruction and broken dreams. Hundreds of strawberry plants, leaves, roots and berries all disappeared within days, leaving only a bare patch of good… Read more »

The PRI Announces a Groundbreaking Global Partnership

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Editor’s Note: Recent discussions on this site have encouraged us to take this bold and exciting new step. Read on to find out more! The PRI are very happy to announce a game changing partnership. Continually looking for ways to spread its brand of permaculture to the mainstream, the PRI has been tirelessly working on… Read more »

Making the Case for the Genetically Modified Human

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If we fail to change trajectory, then perhaps we should be re-engineering the root cause of our problem — ourselves? It’s true that I’m well known for attacking the GMO industry, its industry financed scientists and their thus-incentivised reductionist ‘science’. I’ve expressed many times that GMOs are a "solution looking for a problem". We know… Read more »

Get Into Farming (video)

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The upsidedownness of our world really gets to me. The people doing the most critical work (like producing food and clothing) get paid the least, and the people busy producing crap we don’t really need at all get paid much more, and by an order of magnitude. Worse, the people who produce nothing at all,… Read more »