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Build a Banana Circle

bananas 01

A banana-paw paw circle is an excellent way to grow fine fruit and root vegetable crops whilst using up excess water and organic wastes. by Jan Buckley Why it works so well The design is basically a circular swale, and it works well because there’s only one place to mulch, feed and water, which serves many plants. It’s a good spot to put all your kitchen scraps, to use as […]

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Dams and swales in Minnesota

minnesota 01

Hi folks! — we have been busy digging up Minnesota with dams and swales. This is just the beginning of the “Permaculture Research Institute for Cold Climates”. We’re now on route to California, hopefully to do some more serious digging. :) Here’s how we started: Click thru for the entire photo series!

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Backyard Aquaponics

aquaponics 01

This just in, from Christopher Nesbitt: “Backyard Aquaponics” is a new book by Joel Malcolm, an innovator in Perth, Australia and is well worth a look. Aquaponics is a very simple and efficient system involving aquaculture and hydroponics. The system is dependent on plants in grow beds, generally pea gravel, being used to filter out fish manure and other material while aerating the water to maintain oxygen levels. Joel’s book […]

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Use of permaculture under salinity and drought conditions

salinity and drought 01

Jordan is an arid country with limited water resources. The available renewable fresh water resources dropped drastically to an annual per capita share of 155 m3 in recent years compared to 3400 m3/cap/year in 1946. It is considered also as one of the 10 poorest countries worldwide in water resources (Countries with less than 500 m3/capita/year are regarded as having “absolute scarcity”). In 2004, the total water use in Jordan […]

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Ground-based action funding

funding 01

Due to an inspiring collaboration between Rainforest Information Centre and Permaculture Research Institute teaching a permaculture design certificate course in Australia, a surplus profit of $AUS1, 500 we have been able to direct towards permaculture extension in Jordan. The same amount was also directed to a Rainforest Information Centre in Ecuador. Five women actively involved in permaculture home garden development in Jawfa and Jawasari, poor Palestinian refugee villages in the […]

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Water in the Mexican landscape

water in mexico 01

Water gives life and can also destroy life. When we allow rain water to flow gently over the landscape taking the most time making the most contact with earth water is most fertile. But, when running uncontrolled it can cause erosion and death. No food can grow on land which is eroded and farming can only flourish on fertile soil. But only eco-systemic farming systems can create soil. At ITT […]

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