Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi – Watch for Free

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In September 2008 Seed Savers released their first film, “Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi”, a 57 minute documentary that celebrates traditional food plants and the people that grow them. We have now released this documentary on the net for free viewing (with English audio and Portuguese subtitles — we will put French, Chinese and Japanese… Read more »

The Frontiers of Crop Science

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by Nico Snyman: B.Sc. Agric (Agron.)Pret. Six years after we started farming in the tropics, in the upper catchment areas of the Congo basin, North Eastern Zambia, we discovered why farming in the tropics always goes along with constant deforestation. With cultivation, the nutrients are lost because everything captured in the biomass is removed. What… Read more »

3CR ‘Food Fight’ Show Excerpts Evan Young on Omnivorous Diet

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Zaytuna Farm – Photo © Craig Mackintosh In the middle of Winter 2011, Trades Hall in Melbourne hosted a debate between the environmental impacts of an omnivorous diet vs. a vegetarian diet. Evan Young, Permaculture Consultant and former Intern and Staff Member of PRI Australia argued in favour of an omnivorous diet, citing many examples… Read more »

Stabilizing the Climate with “Permanent Agriculture”

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Trees are one of our most powerful tools to pull carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it in the soil for long-term storage. This is why reforestation and protecting intact forests are such important parts of plans to address climate change. Conventional climate change science tells us that the planet’s capacity for reforestation is limited,… Read more »

City Kids Move to the Country – Part VII

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My property has been behaving itself since my last City Kids update. Without the tropical downpours and flooding Queensland suffered last summer, it’s been much easier to manage. The slope down under the house no longer hosts a makeshift waterfall, and the gravel driveway has stopped flowing like a river and getting washed down the… Read more »

Nick Ritar’s TEDx Canberra Talk: Two Things You Can Do Every Day to Save the World

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Recently Nick gave a talk at TEDx Canberra. He talked about stewarding nutrients, how we can solve the problem of peak phosphorous (See ‘Phosphorous Matters’ Parts I & II here and here), and about how to grow the best cumquats ever. Yes, Nick was talking about why taking responsibility for our poo and our wee… Read more »

Taranaki Farm Videos

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How To Move Your Farm Animals Taranaki Farm shows you how to move a herd of cows, a flock of laying hens, some sheep and a stowaway frog in only 20 minutes… and in the process, heal farmland and local community. Autumn Rain & Keyline Earthworks Pairing Keyline Design farm layout to Polyface Farming methods… Read more »

How to Prepare a Beneficial Microorganism Mixture

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Many have heard of EM mixtures, sold worldwide with cultures of effective microorganisms, that due to their symbiotic relationships with each other can benefit the microorganisms’ ecosystem in our soils, compost piles and toilets. They are known to boost yield and speed the composting process and are sold worldwide for their positive effect. You can… Read more »